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A Little Spring Wishing

Aka my weekend shopping list…. Spring is in the air, and I feel like shedding those dark winter tones and step into the blush and camel hints of those rays of that perfect soft first Summer light. The perfect shirt dress accompanied by the ultimate pair of high heeled sandals, a classic pair of glasses with a twist, a swish of powdery sunshine on my cheeks and a hint of coral to mak my lips pop. A few finishing touches in  the form of a sleek bag and stunning delicate earrings, and I am ready to fully savour that first Spring lunch al fresco, ginger ale in hand and the sunshine on my face! Rue Blanche Shirt Dress / Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip in Papaya / Chloè Glasses / Giorgio Armani Beauty Life Is A Cruise Sunrise Palette / Dcember Zoé Crossbody Bag / Scapa Sandals / Dinh Van Pulse Earrings / Schweppes Ginger Ale      

Cool Kid’s Band Alert: No Colours

Be still, my monochrome loving heart! The quest for the holy grail, aka the coolest additions possible to my mini me’s wardrobes, is everlasting, but sometimes you jut hit the jackpot by accident. Surfing and procrastinating a lunch break away, I came across a few amazing pieces. Playful with the right amount of cool and not a hint of colour in sight, it was love at first sight. Imagine my surprise when they all seemed to belong to the same brand, aptly named ‘No Colours‘. Check the Emoticons Collection! This Dutch brand is the brainchild of Laura Van Bakel, a fashion student, who at the tender age of 20 was inspired by the playfulness and love of kids. Items are hand screen-printed and produced in small batches, to make the customer become aware of tthe issues in the modern-day fashion industry: child labour, environmental pollution by the cotton production and the poor working conditions in the clothing factories. Soft cotton, sourced responsably and treated with love, high quality finishing touches, amazing prints, gorgeous tailoring and reasonably …

Wishlist Wednesday – K/Metal Signature Bag

Bonjour mon amour! As much as Mr Lagerfeld would disapprove on sight if he ever met me (double digit size, strong willed and quick-witted, it’s fair to say I do not behold to Mr Lagerfeld’s standard of what a woman should be), I must concede that he does have an eye for beauty and elegance. From the first picture straight to my wishlist in a heartbeat, that’s about how my first impression of the new Karl Lagerfeld K/Metal Signature Shoulderbag went. Clean lines, smooth, strong and structured leather and one striking detail instead of tassels all over, je l’adore! Adorned with Mr Lagerfeld’s signature, the black one just exudes timeless elegance, yet gives off a little hipster vibe at the same time! Hey Mr B, we’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up….

IKKS x K-Way

Oh how I remember the fashion from my childhood!  More nightmare-ish than stylish, the 80’s and 90’s were not exactly the height of sophistication, and, as my mum likes to remind me every.single.time we go shopping together for kids’ clothes, “There were just no cute clothes back then”. Case in point, that dreadful K-Way every kid wore to school on rainy days. A plastic fantastic example of colourblocking till your eyes hurt, and when not needed, it became a fanny pack-esque belt that flipped up and down each time you took a walk. Never in a million years did I think about getting my kids one. Till earlier this week… In the corner of my eye I saw a kids’ coat flashing by on my screen, all exuberant in it’s monochromatic beauty and urban cool. Cue my surprise when I discovered it was the latest K-Way offering! Digging a bit deeper led me to discover that IKKS had married their French Rock Chic vibe to K-Way’s iconic Claude 2.0 for a limited edition unisex model. …