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Press days usually are an overflow of images and info, with one brand flowing into the next, and after a few days, everything you saw becomes a blur from which only a select few pieces or brands stand out. Case in point: STERNUM. A little Instagram post swiftly became the highlight of the latest press days, and if you have a quick look, you’ll fall in love as well. Sleek, minimalistic, geometrical and timeless, this type of jewellery floats my boat far more than any bling ever will. Sure, an over-the-top costume piece looks great against a crisp white button down, but on me, I’d usually looks like the necklace is wearing me (so not a good look!)… Less is definitely more, and Sophie Peelman, aka STERNUM, sure got that memo! Geometrical and primary shapes galore, these pieces have an intricate delicacy and understeted elegance that works with everything in ly closet, and even better, the prices (ranging from € 37 to €48) also work perfectly with my wallet… Love at first sight! Available at  …

Summer Wishlist – The Kids Edition

My husband recently asked me if there ever was a reason not to shop for my little ones (when I tried to convince him that Little Miss C really needed that ultra-cute dress we just saw, and when I tried to make him forget about the other 10 dresses already hanging in her closet….). Sorry darling husband of mine, but let’s be honest, there is never not a reason to shop for our little ones! With summer finally approaching (let’s hope so!), I’ve been on the hunt for a few last minute additions to round out Little Miss C’s and Mister A’s wardrobes, let’s jump straight in, shall we? Coolness aplenty for A, this Six Hugs and Rock ’n Roll “Legends” number injects a serious dose of rock and roll; and the Petit Bateau x Keith Haring t-shirt gives his wardrobe an arty vibe. Add in a few pairs of streetsyle shorts, such as this antsy H&M one and this Stella McCartney Bix Surfer Tattoo army green pair. A pair of summer-y flip flops and this beach boy is ready! Little Miss C …

Atelier Feryn for Xandres – A Clutch Dreams Are Made Of

Mix the words “Xandres”, “‘Inspiring Women’ collab” and “clutch” in one sentence, and you instantly have my attention. Xandres, Belgian, elegant, effortless and aimed at strong, independent women (such as myself of course), the brand is a female force to be reckoned with, and to showcase just how much they love the strong, indepent women of today, the brand spotlights them, one at a time This month, the Xandres ‘Inspiring Women’ collab celebrates not one, but three ladies to look up to. Yanne, Mira and Lize Feryn, three sisters, twentysomethings and handbag afficionados, felt the need for timeless yet contemporary and even somewhat critical design, and launched Atelier Feryn in October 2015. Their risk paid off when their first design, the Smaragd, sold out instantly. Fast forward a few months, and Atelier Feryn for Xandres – the clutch has me gasping for air! A play on structure and  subtle prints, the clutch is a beaut’ with smooth, milky latte coloured leather, countered by a light, dusty blue austrich leather thrim and jute sides. Artistry meets fashions …

Wishlist Wednesday – Leather Wrap Skirt

I was doing a spot of online window shopping, as you do, and stumbled across this precious! Slam, bam, flash in the pan, and it shooted straight to the top of my Spring / Summer Wishlist *yes that is a real thing:-)* The Marks & Spencer Autograph Leather Wrap Skirt, dark green and mysterious, is beckoning me, beguiling me, reeling me in big time! I must admit to having a soft spot for dark leather pieces, and this piece is no different! A welcome addition to my closet, standing out from my black pencil skirts thanks to it’s forest green shade, asymmetric hemline and slight swishy cut. The split gives it that slither of sexy that I am looking for, and an endless stream of combination possibilities is already taking over my mind!  My beautiful Leather Wrap Skirt, I am ready to wrap myself in you!  

Jumpsuit Season

While ’tis the season to be joyful, eat way too much, watch The Sound of Music for the millionth time in those cosy Christmas pyjama bottoms, there’s no escaping that Christmas party at the office or that family party everyone dreads. Instead of wondering which dress to wear this time, I plan on foregoing dresses alltogether this Yule time season, and go for gold every time in a jumpsuit. Classic black, with a lace back, striking crimson, budget friendly, structured elegance or a strapping strapless version, the possibilities are endless! Pair them with statement pieces or fine, understated necklaces, you can dress them up or down as you wish. Feeling chilly? Add in a tailored blazer, and once you escape that party to go dancing, guess what? No outfit change needed! What’s your favourite this season?      

Just un Clou – Just a Dream?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, jewellery are a woman’s soft spot, shortly put, if it’s gold, sparkly and costs a pretty penny, it’s a surefit way into your lady love’s heart! As part of the fairer sex, I too have a soft spot for a gorgeous piece to enhance my neck, wrist or ears, and even more, I know exactly what I want! For the last few years, I’ve been clou crazy! Ever since Cartier launched their Just Un Clou Collection, I’ve been passionately coveting it, and the love has not waned! All I need is my own personal Mr Rockefeller, and the Clou bracelet in Rose Gold will finally be mine! But for now, I’ll have to do with dreaming and hoping, with desiring and coveting. I’ve got clou fever!

Deco Dreaming – A Pinterest Worthy Office

Being the cool blogger that I am, I don’t have my own office at home. We had one, I must admit, but it got turned into a nursery when I was pregnant child nr 1., you know, priorities and all. With child nr 2, any dreams about my own office space got pushed back even further, but the dream remains! For the time being, my dining room table (or even sofa) has to do as my working area, but one day…one day I’ll have my own space! And when that day comes, I’d better be prepared, so I’ve got inspiration at the ready! My love affair with a white interior will probably never fade, there’s no doubt that my little corner needs to be a calming shade white as well! A few cabinets or drawer for storage are imperative, so that I can keep the working surface as clean and tidy as possible (tidy desk = tidy mind…), a little accessory or detail here and there, and I am a very happy camper! And as …

Wednesday Wishlist – Boss Bespoke Bag

It’s Wednesday, time to get wishlist-ing! Hugo Boss and I, we are like two peas in a pod, and with the holidays coming up, they couldn’t have released their Bespoke Collection at a better time! This is not the first time I’ve fallen madly in love with a piece from my favourite German brand, my love for their sleek, minimalist, elegant pieces has been well documented here on the blog. A while ago, I satisfied my Boss craving by wearing a dress of theirs to my sister’s wedding, but my heart caught fire again when I laid eyes on the BOSS Bespoke Bag. 100% finest calf leather, clear lines and several inside pockets, this bag is a prime example of the German no frills aesthetic. Added touch however is the personalization service, in which the bag is shipped from the leather atelier in Florence to the hands of a second set of craftsmen in Paris, who will then upgrade the bag even futher to your personal wishes. Refinement and elegance meets Nordic minimalism and functionality, it’s …

Birthday Wishlist – It’s that time of the year again!

Another year has come and gone, and my birthday is here again. My roaring twenties might have turned into thriving thirties, but every birthday is the occasion par excellence for the only things that’s great about birthdays: presents!! Being the good girl that I am, I’ve had this little list ready for quite a while, so if anyone wonders what I’m dreaming about, I’m more than happy to share with you! This Marks & Spencer camel or dark grey fedora to get me through winter, the Givenchy Antigona Medium Duffel Bag in black that I’m still dreaming about, or maybe these stunning black croco print H&M ankle booties! Burberry‘s lipstick and nail polish in Oxblood are instant classics, and need to make their way to my bathroom stat! Baukjen still is one of my favourite brands, and these Dorchester houndstooth separates will take me from day to night, with the Magali Pichasi bangle being the perfect daytime arm candy, and the Sophie Bille Brahe Rève Diamante earrings to add a bit of sparkle to any …

Cachemire Coton Soie A/W 15

Just when I thought my entire wardrobe would be grey, black and white this Autumn and Winter, soft knits and skinnies reigning supreme, I got a bit of a shock. A colour shock, courtesy of Cachemire Coton Soie! Pieces tailored to perfection, walking that tight line between casual and feminine elagance, a jolt of colour to brighten a dreay day without going overoard or looking like a technicolour candy cane. Every single piece could be the lovechild of elegant Carolina Herrera and streamlined Victoria Beckham, with a little seasoning of Hedi Slimane. And those boots, oh those boots!