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Light as air

A while ago, I read a tagline fo an interior design article somewhere ‘Why light and airy rooms are even more popular than Scandinavian minimalism”, and somehow that just stuck with me. Because it’s true! No matter how I twist and turn it, no matter how I juggle around fancy names and aesthetics, purring how much I love a toned down, monochrome Scandinavian what’s not, light and airy will always be what  rings my deco loving heart’s bell. Come to think of it, when I dissect what exactly it is that makes an interior visually and emotionally pleasing, it all comes down to one thing: a flood of light streaming in, giving a room that airy, lighter than a feather look and feel. Sure, white will always be my main colour scheme, but when a white interior gets flooded by the sun, that’s when the magic happens… Pictures via Pinterest and Tumblr

Deco Dreaming – A Pinterest Worthy Office

Being the cool blogger that I am, I don’t have my own office at home. We had one, I must admit, but it got turned into a nursery when I was pregnant child nr 1., you know, priorities and all. With child nr 2, any dreams about my own office space got pushed back even further, but the dream remains! For the time being, my dining room table (or even sofa) has to do as my working area, but one day…one day I’ll have my own space! And when that day comes, I’d better be prepared, so I’ve got inspiration at the ready! My love affair with a white interior will probably never fade, there’s no doubt that my little corner needs to be a calming shade white as well! A few cabinets or drawer for storage are imperative, so that I can keep the working surface as clean and tidy as possible (tidy desk = tidy mind…), a little accessory or detail here and there, and I am a very happy camper! And as …

White wooden floor dreamin’

Kids and a white decor, that sounds like asking for trouble! And still, I just cannot stop dreaming about painting our (not so fantastic, boring beige-brown) wooden floors upstairs (and downstairs if I’m completely honest) a beautiful shade of white! To just jump in, feet first, re-do the entire upper floor and just not think about my wee ones painting and drawing on that pristine white canvas, getting Play Doh stuck in every nook and cranny or black tire marks from just about every Lego vehicle racing from one end of the room to the other. The more I think about, white really is the way to go! Might just have to wait a few more years till after those toddler years, and just be happy dreaming and Pinterest-ing till then….

Pinspiration – Winter Whites

As much as I love fashion, it  can be restrictive at times. No skinnies if you’re over a size 40, no black with navy (gorgeous colour combo though!), no socks with sandals (that’s just a no-no), no stripes with checks, and most importantly, no white after Labour Day (end of summer for all my non-American readers).  As Mr B will gladly acknowledge, I was never one for listening much to others, I prefer to do my own thing. And to be honest, I just love a beautiful winter white. An outfit or focal piece that echoes the calmth of winter, the serenity of cold or the purity of snow, what’s not to love? Granted, it may not be the best outfit to, go on that family walk Sunday afternoon, but this combination of a white centre piece, accompanied by a soft dove grey, ice blue,  tender lilac or contrasting camel companion just screams cool (haha, pun intented!) elegance! I do need a bit more inspiration though, as my white skinny – breton longsleave or light …


My last deco inspiration (need some bathroom inspiration?) post seems to have had some internal snowball effect, because all I seem to care and dream about these days is starting over, clearing out all of my furniture and just start from scratch. Rare free minutes are spent om Pinterest and Tumblr, and the images that catch my eye all seem to have a recurring theme: lots of white, wooden floors, marble tops and natural light flooding in. Maybe that’s also winter, going back to the purest of forms, however that expresses itself. Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find that little nightstand table and Love statue of the second picture, I will love you forever!   Pictures courtesy of Pinterest