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A Kure Bazaar Perfect Spring Pedicure

Empty the contents of my nail polish drawer, and you’ll quickly see that my stash is very much dominated by one brand, Kure Bazaar. I’ve spoken of my love for this unapologetically organic yet trendy brand before (no nasties, no chemicals, much love!), and the amount of times it has popped over here is a clear indicator of just how much I prefer their polishes to other formulas (Kure Bazaar lovin’ over here, here, here and here). I may have a stash that will last me from now till my retirement, but somehow I mostly end up going for these three for a springtime pedicure. Chloe is the passe partout, the gentle, soft, purple tinted taupe that looks good with any outfit, any skintone and every season! Feel like dipping your toes in a spring-fit folie, than Bikini & Co is a perfect match! Not pink, not too orange, not even too red, just the perfect, not-too-bright coral. Feel like taking it even one step further and really make those tippy toes pop? Then Turkoise …

It’s going to be a Talking French summer!

March has kicked in, Saint Patricks Day colours the world a delicious shade of green today, I can feel Spring peeping round the corner, and I for one am done! Done with big knits, chucky boots, oversized scarves up to my eyes, and as much as I could live in cashmere sweaters almost all year round, I am now craving lighter textiles, softer touches, delicate pairings and livelier colours. Looks like Talking French read my memo for the sunny season! Light, airy, feminine, a daily dose of wearable glamour are only a few of the cornerstones on which this Belgian brand has built it’s foundation , and season after season the collections they present are firecrackers! Not one to go black, their pieces are a kaleidoscope of colours, brightening the greyest of winter days and enhancing the chirpiest of sunny spring days with their elegant prints and silky smooth fabrics. This spring, LA dreamin’ is what it is all about! Infusing their latest collection with a dose of LA cool, it makes me dream of mellow yellow mornings, those first …

Spring is coming thanks to Vila

Het einde van Februari is in zicht, de koude is hopelijk achter de rug, en ik ben het grijze, natte, deprimerende winterweer echt beu! Tijd dat de lente er aan komt, en bij gebrek aan de langverwachte warmere temperaturen, probeer ik dit al wat te kickstarten door een broodnodige kleurinjectie en een vleugje extra luchtigheid in mijn kleerkast in te voeren. En wie beter om mij daar bij te helpen dan het Deense merk Vila, welgekend om hun collecties die casual yet chic en cool maar betaalbaar zijn. Het uitpluizen van hun website liet me alvast met volgende items na die ik graag deze lente in mijn garderobe zie belanden: