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That First Esprit Summer Feeling

Every morning is the same story at my house. After a frantic morning rush to get the 2 littles ones ready (Mr B has to fend for himself :-)), I sprint upstairs with about 5 minutes to spare to get myself dressed. Often lacking inspiration and pressed for time, I find myself constantly reaching for the same uniforms, which also means that about half of my closet remains untounched. Additionally, with the weather teethering on the edge between winter and summer clothes, and  having just started a new job with a completely different, less business appropriate dress code (ie we can wear whatever we friggin’ want…), I’m in a style rut at the moment. Not good at all… Hold this thought! A while ago, the unthinkeable happened. I had the entire afternoon to myself. No wee ones needing to be entertained, husband off with plans of his own, so after having photographed anything and everything that needed it’s picture taken, I started having some fun. In one corner: some of the basics in my closet. In the …

Christmas Gifts – for your loved ones (and yourself)

Christmas is only a week away and despite promising to do things differently this year, many of us still have to rush out to get those last minue gifts (guilty as charged…). In case you’re out of inspiration or still not quite sure what to get, I’m here to help you score that perfect gift for your mum, sister, style- and beauty-addicted friend or even mother-in-law you want to keep happy. Here’s what’s the LeenLovesStyle Christmas Tree has to offer this year: Monogrammed Mugs / Bobbi Brown Warm Glow palette / Copper Pillow / Nespresso x KitchenAid / Pai Intensive Nourishing Facial Set / Cashmere Scarf / Perfume / Golden Shoes / Cutting Board / Une Nuit A Bali Travel Kit / Necklace / Verso Skincare Set / Sweater      

& Other Stories

Eind 2012 bevestigde de moederholding van H&M dat ze met een luxeketen op de markt ging komen, en na vele teasers en maandenlang wachten is het dan eindelijk zover, vandaag 8 Maart gaan de 7 vestigingen open. Londen, Barcelona, Kopenhagen, Parijs, Stockholm en Berlijn (2x zelfs) zijn de lucky steden die een filiaal kregen. Wij Belgen moeten ons voorlopig tevreden stellen met de webshop (of gewoon een tripje Londen boeken!) “Today, a woman with a love for fashion creates her own style or story. She wears things that feel right to her and reflect her personality. & Other Stories is about bringing everything she can wear into one place, focusing on the whole look. We believe shoes, bags, jewelry, lingerie and beauty are key for styling and just as important as clothing.” & Other Stories richt zich alleen op vrouwen, dus (voorlopig?) geen mannen- en kinderkledij, en de collecties worden telkens opgebouwd rond thema’s, de zogezegde inspiring fashion stories. Voor de eerste collectie werd er gewerkt rond vier thema’s – industrieel, minimalistisch, gesofistikeerd en poëtisch, …