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Wishlist Wednesday – Louis Vuitton – The Spirit of Travel

Oh Louis, how your campaigns have this mesmerizing effect on me! Your Lockit Bag is still the star of many a dream thanks to the ravishing Michelle Williams, your original Spirit of Travel series took me straight to the African wilderness, and your latest odyssey again has me grasping for air. Like no other, Louis Vuitton understand the impact of a striking image, and their newest Spirit of Travel Campaign is a true visual feast of elegance, colourful abundance and craftmanship. Shot by Patrick Dermachelier, LV takes us between the sky and the sea, under the beating sun, where the abundance of sun-drenched aquamarine,  orange, deep green and dark copper evokes dreams of tropical getaways and African safari’s. Le sigh….

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

What better way to start the weekend that to dream about beautiful things? Beautiful weather that makes you want to stay outside from dusk till dawn, beautiful flowers that brighten up a room or beautiful pictures to gently soothe away the stress. Gorgeous pictures are always a delight, and when they feature a beautiful lady and an even more exquisite product, they make my mind wander. Louis Vuitton is very well aware of the power of a striking image, and their campaigns have always been enticing, magnificent and out of the ordinary (remember the Louis Vuitton Present the Spirit of Travel campaign?) Last year LV debuted a new campaign fronted by the stunning Michelle Williams, and for their Spring 2014 campaign, they have once more asked her to complement the bags with her poise and elegance. The gorgeous images see her featured with the new Lockit bag, with the Capucines and with the legendary LV Alma. Quite honestly, I don’t know who is more ravishing, the divine Michelle or the must-have bags!