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Winter Bases

Also known as “The One That Was Supposed To Be Called Summer Bases But Evolved Into Winter Foundations” ( somehow I hardly wore any bases between May and October). Foundations and coverage have found their way back into  my make up stash, and these 4 bases have been tried and tested these last few months. Spoiler alert, there were 2 absolute winners, one that was just so-so, and one that turned out to be a complete no-no. First up, I went straight fo the Shiseido Waso Colour Smart Day Moisturizer. After originally dismissing this little tube as not being moisturizing enough for my Sahara dry skin,  I dug it back out a month or two ago and reintroduced it into my routine, but with a little twist. Instead of just going by its moisturizing mismatch with my skin, I started layering it over my Sukin Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin as a base, a little cover-up operation without having to go for a heavy hitter foundation or a glitter-ball, all too quick at disappearing BB/CC Cream, …

Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry…

But not for what I’ll say when I am not! It’s Friday afternoon, my eyes keep drifting outside instead of being glued to my computer screen, my limbs are aching to walk my body outside into the sun, and my mind is racing with recipes and foods I want to savour! The weekend is here, so finally time to go all out again, not think about cooking time restrictions, and just go where my taste buds take me. I attended an amazing food event yesterday, and now my head and hands are brimming with inspiration and the gusto to get cooking! Maybe go low and slow tomorrow for some pulled pork, and then a delectable club toast with the leftovers? Or maybe a red cabbage salad with shreds of Danish Blue and some slices of smoked duck breast? Keep the kids entertained by whisking up a batch of lemon madeleines? Or maybe a pickled watermelon salad with Asian style ribs to round out the weekend…. Am I the only one who’s salivating? Time to get cooking!

A smorgasbord of white

Sundays at casa LeenLovesStyle are for deco dreaming, and today is not an exception. Those who know me, are well acquainted with my special “deco dreaming map” on my phone, a visual smorgasbord of all that entices me and makes float away on a cloud of interior design inspiration. This goes from colour schemes, little trinkets to all over designs, from bathrooms to kitchens and from white to white and more white. hey, what did you expect? Here’s what caught my eye (and my phone) this week. Images via Pinterest and Tumblr  

Insta Update

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of late (and that’s an understatement…), and whoever said that it is easy for women to have it all, surely never has walked a day in a working mum’s high heeled pumps. I’ll stop the whining here, and just swiftly move on to the matter of today, a sneaky look into what I’ve been up to on Instagram these past few weeks. A little post, a lot of pictures, and there you are, back up to date! I drank, ate and double dated with some of our best friends, tried and tested a few beauty trinkets, and spent a bucket load of quality time with Mr B and our littles ones… Can you says bliss? View this post on Instagram Rocking some French beauty (and coquetterie) today. Light base, pearly eyes and a cherry lip, j'adore! #friday #beauty #sisley #french #guerlain #morning #phyto #lips A post shared by Leen | Beauty & Food Lover (@leenstruyf) on May 19, 2016 at 11:34pm PDT View this post on Instagram Please …

Verso Super Facial Oil

Oils really are having their moment, and who can blame them! Their texture, results, versatility and easy application have turned them into champions of our skincare routines, with facial oils being so ahead of the curve they make you feel like they’re all your face will ever need. After Filipa K, Acne Studios and Alexander Skarsgard, Verso skincare is one of the hottest brands to come out of Sweden these last few years. Going against the current idea of a product for every imagineable problem, their concise line of skincare  exists of only a handful of products that are simple yet effective, all centered around one key ingredient Retinol 8 and each with the possibility to target several problems at the same time, depending on your skin needs. Sounds fancy? I know! The seventh product to be added to this line up is the Verso Super Facial Oil, a dry, airy oil based around Verso’s key ingredient, Retinol 8. High doses of Retinol 8 ( 8 times more powerful and less agressive to the skin …

Family Fun

When the invitation for the ZulupaPUWA 10 year birthday party came galloping into my mailbox, it was quickly decided that we would make it a family day at the the zoo. End of summer, an all access pass at the zoo, a gorgeous sunlit day, two happy children and a Mr B taking a day off work, all the ingredients were there for an amazing family day. Before and after the new collection presentation (which, buy the way is an absolute stunner, a real sartorial fest for stylish kids), the kids roamed, discovered and conquered the animal kingdom of Planckendael, and Mr B and I enjoyed every minute of it! Playsuit Little Miss C – JBC x Rainbow City Warriors Mr A: t-shirt – CKS / Shorts – JBC Me: Top – Esprit / Trousers – JBC 

A little beauty hideaway at home – Hülsta Lunis

Every woman needs a little hideaway spot just for themselves, to unwind after a long stressfull day, re-energize and replenish yourself or to just have a little moment to prepare yourself for the day ahead. In an ideal world, I would live a block away from the beach so that I could nip out for 5 minutes every day, but hey, unfortunately we can’t have it all… Another thing I’ve been dreaming about to have for a long, long time is my very own vanity table, a little spot in the bedroom reserved just for me to put my make up on, take it off, experiment a little with new products or just fiff faff about as wel beauty-obsessed bloggers like to do. Obviously, with my well known soft spot for Scandinavian design, a white colour scheme and clean lines, not just any dressing table would do (many vanities have been vetoed because too frilly, too girly or too “bweugh”). An ancillary unit that would look equally striking as my make up haven as a …

Thursday Treat – Givenchy Antigona bag

All it took was one little tweet from Laura, and bam, I was in love! Hook, line and sinker! A crazy love obsession, one that any and every bag loving, tote obessed and clutch craving woman will understand!  Like the Copenhagen mermaid whispering my name, the Givenchy Antigona tote in Dusky Blue enchanted me with it’s softly textured goat leather and structural lines. Sleek and smart, thanks to several internal pockets, and with switchable shoulder straps and top handles to boot! The light, greyish blue gives it that elegant touch that just oozes Spring-appropriate, and it’s medium size looks equally at home in a meeting or meeting up with friends. As if I need another reason to justify saving up for it’s €1.590 price tag. Oh, and how cute is that Mini Antigona in yellow?  

New Collaboration Alert: Essentiel x Disney

Disney came a-knockin’ on the door of Essentiel, the trend-driven, endgy and urban prime of Belgian fashion, and Inge Onsea and her team more than happily obliged. Together they came up with this urban fairytale of a collection, with the sweet Bashful – one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs – as the center of attention. His sweet half smile and cute blushing cheeks have made him an iconic Disney figure, and now grace the white and soft grey pieces of this collection. Bashful contrasting with big, colourful sequins, a slauchy, casual sweater over a structured neoprene skater skirt, or the complementing neoprenen top with it’s golden flower appliqué, nothing is too crazy for Spring! A touch of weekend casual for a Saturday shopping trip, a touch of fashion for coffee with the ladies or full on fashionata, these pieces cater to your every sartorial wish Ohhhh, go-o-o-osh… The Bashful Collection is available from this week at Essentiel stores or via      

50 shades of white to calm my mind

This morning’s Instagram picture says it all, when it comes to what I dream about what I’d love my ideal home interior to look like, soft tones of grey and a hint of colour keep popping up in an otherwise almost virgin-esqye white surrounding. A place to come home to after a day of meetings and where you can just mentally disconnect from all the stress, where everything just oozes calmth. For now, with two toddlers running, jumping and meddling around, it will best remain a moodboard and smorgasbord of ideas, but the moment my two little mosters stop spilling their food and drinks everywhere, this post will be prime inspiration for that major interior overhaul! Pictures courtesy of Pinterest and Tumblr