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Wishlist Wednesday – K/Metal Signature Bag

Bonjour mon amour! As much as Mr Lagerfeld would disapprove on sight if he ever met me (double digit size, strong willed and quick-witted, it’s fair to say I do not behold to Mr Lagerfeld’s standard of what a woman should be), I must concede that he does have an eye for beauty and elegance. From the first picture straight to my wishlist in a heartbeat, that’s about how my first impression of the new Karl Lagerfeld K/Metal Signature Shoulderbag went. Clean lines, smooth, strong and structured leather and one striking detail instead of tassels all over, je l’adore! Adorned with Mr Lagerfeld’s signature, the black one just exudes timeless elegance, yet gives off a little hipster vibe at the same time! Hey Mr B, we’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up….

Karl Lagerfeld Takes You To Paradise Bay

Karl Lagerfeld has the Midas Touch! After the succes of the Karl Lagerfeld for Him and Her fragrances last year, King Karl shows again that he still reigns supreme with his follow up number, Karl Lagerfeld Paradise Bay. From a hard day’s work straight to an exotic beach, it’s something we all dream about, me included…. Bora Bora might have to wait a few more years, but Mr Lagerfeld has brought that exotic beach a bit closer. A little spritz every morning, I close my eyes, and away I float. A heavenly white beach, crystal clear water as far as the eye can see, your very own secret hiding place to escape your daily life. The pitch for this new fragrance duo was clear, the exoticness needed to be awe-inducing yet not too much, not to sickly sweet, but layered and sophisticated. Karl Lagerfeld Paradise Bay for Women, created by Serge Majoullier and Cécile Matton, is a fruity floral scent with green touches. It inmediately opens with exotic waves of litchi, pinneaple and peaches so …

Karl Lagerfeld fragrances for Him and Her

King Karl reigns supreme! Anything any other brand does, Karl Lagerfeld usually tends to do it better. Not one to follow trends but one to make trends, he also only does things when he feels the time is right. After last year’s gorgeous Choupette collection, he’s now back with his next big launch, his own perfume for him and her! “Perfume is like fashion for the nose!” Karl Lagerfeld Perfumers Christine Nagel, Jean-Chistophe Hérault and Serge Mjoullier were tasked with creating and Eau de Parfume for women and an Eau de Toilette for men, with the brief being an fragrance translation of Karl’s esthetic: “A modern approach of traditional ideas”. This resulted in a female fragrance that is in fact a study in contrasts: Crisp, fresh lime and soft peach to make way for a core of roses, magnolia and plumeria (frangipani). After a few hours, this will round out with soft amber and musk notes. Edgy and elegance combined! The male fragrance is slightly different, but still cut from the same cloth. Timeless yet …