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Headboard Dreams

We currently don’t have a headboard in our bedroom, as our bed is plainly positioned against a wall, but I can write books on the amount of times Mr B and I have gone back and forth on this subject. Yes, no, yes, no, an upholstered one, a rectangular dark leather one, yes, no, that one looks too cheap, that one is too bl**dy expensive etc etc…. We moved in together over 10 years ago, and at least half of that decade has been spent talking the talk,but not yet walking the walk. It’s been a while since we last attempted to find on that we both had an instantaneous love affair with, but lately inspiration had been bubbling again, and headboards have me dreaming once more (maybe a complete bedroom makeover whilst I am at it? ). Let’s take a trip down inspiration avenue… Pictures via Pinterest

Autumn Design Must Haves

Summer’s fading into Autumn over here, and I feel like sprucing things up a bit in the LeenLovesStyle household. We’ve been living here for ten years now (yes, 10! Feels like forever!), and after a decade of everyday routines, rummaging kids and evolving taste, it’s time for an injection of new-ness and  bit of tongue-in-cheek in our interior and daily lives. I’ve spent many a lunchbreak browsing the wonderful world of the world wide web, and there have been a few things lately that have my pulse racing. As always, coffee and softness are high on my wishlist, but the Cybex Hausschwein (home pig) really caught my eye. Cute (just look at it!) and practical (big enough to contain magazines, toys or blankets), that’s how we like it! 1 – Nespresso x Clio Goldbrenner travel mug holder / 2 – HK Living at Juttu Marble Board / 3 – Primark Glasses / 4 – City Sheep Rug / 5 – Hay Rainbow Tray / 6 – Ikea Vintner Pillow / 7 – Illy x Alessi …

White and gold heaven

It’s Sunday, time for my weekly interior design inspiration session, also known as “I really want to redo the whole of my house, but might have to wait a while longer….” This week, I’ve been crushing on white (#repeatoffender) with little touches of gold, both yellow and rose. A light fixture here or a kitchen or bathroom tap there, the hue of the accent forms a perfect offset that makes the white look even more pristine and calming, so hey, double whammy!  

Sunday Inspiration

I am a sucker for beautiful bathroom decors, and don’t we all know it. I admit, I am guilty as charged, so what better way to spend a lazy Sunday, especially a cold, freezing one like today, browsing for some bathroom inspiration. Hot cup of tea in one hand, legs cozily covered by softest blanket ever, kids are happily playing in their room (Thank heavens for Lego!) and I am floating away on clouds of marble, stunning bathroom vanities, deco inspiration and a renewed surge to tackle my bathroom. Happy a happy Sunday lovelies!   Pictures via Pinterest and Tumblr

Inspiration Sunday

Time to about things differently this Sunday. Instead of focusing on a certain detail, a certain style or a certain room, how about I show you the real smorgasboard of inspiration that caught my eye this week? Food styling or a certain dishes that made me salivate just by looking at them, gorgeous tiles, images that set my wanderlust alight, cosy sweater season must haves and the most gorgeous Fall fashion colour scheme. Sundays are for dreaming….   Pics via Pinterest and Tumblr.

Light as air

A while ago, I read a tagline fo an interior design article somewhere ‘Why light and airy rooms are even more popular than Scandinavian minimalism”, and somehow that just stuck with me. Because it’s true! No matter how I twist and turn it, no matter how I juggle around fancy names and aesthetics, purring how much I love a toned down, monochrome Scandinavian what’s not, light and airy will always be what  rings my deco loving heart’s bell. Come to think of it, when I dissect what exactly it is that makes an interior visually and emotionally pleasing, it all comes down to one thing: a flood of light streaming in, giving a room that airy, lighter than a feather look and feel. Sure, white will always be my main colour scheme, but when a white interior gets flooded by the sun, that’s when the magic happens… Pictures via Pinterest and Tumblr

Insta Life

I came , I saw, I wish I conquered (but fell flat on my face due to exhaustion). Julius Caesar may have beaten me on the “conquered” part, but I saw a lot these last few weeks, and wanted to round up the highlights up for you. As you read this, I’m off enjoying some time off in La Douce France with Mr B and our mini me’s, so if you want to know how that’s going, make sure to follow my Instagram account (@leenstruyf) to see all of the hits and misses, and more importantly, my much desired visits to a French Pharmacy for their beauty and skincare sections! View this post on Instagram Loving everyone's reactions to this @byterryofficial new lipstick after my little sneek peak on Snapchat yesterday! Check out my musings via 'leenlovesstyle'. #love #lipstick #byterry #favourite #séductrice #seductress #newin #beauty #red A post shared by Leen | Beauty & Food Lover (@leenstruyf) on Jun 29, 2016 at 3:15am PDT View this post on Instagram One of my favourite scents, ever …

A smorgasbord of white

Sundays at casa LeenLovesStyle are for deco dreaming, and today is not an exception. Those who know me, are well acquainted with my special “deco dreaming map” on my phone, a visual smorgasbord of all that entices me and makes float away on a cloud of interior design inspiration. This goes from colour schemes, little trinkets to all over designs, from bathrooms to kitchens and from white to white and more white. hey, what did you expect? Here’s what caught my eye (and my phone) this week. Images via Pinterest and Tumblr  

Insta Update

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of late (and that’s an understatement…), and whoever said that it is easy for women to have it all, surely never has walked a day in a working mum’s high heeled pumps. I’ll stop the whining here, and just swiftly move on to the matter of today, a sneaky look into what I’ve been up to on Instagram these past few weeks. A little post, a lot of pictures, and there you are, back up to date! I drank, ate and double dated with some of our best friends, tried and tested a few beauty trinkets, and spent a bucket load of quality time with Mr B and our littles ones… Can you says bliss? View this post on Instagram Rocking some French beauty (and coquetterie) today. Light base, pearly eyes and a cherry lip, j'adore! #friday #beauty #sisley #french #guerlain #morning #phyto #lips A post shared by Leen | Beauty & Food Lover (@leenstruyf) on May 19, 2016 at 11:34pm PDT View this post on Instagram Please …

Interior Envy

Another Sunday, another incredibly chic house that sets my interior design loving heart into overdrive… I was researching another post (this one actually), and stumbled across this stunning, not so humble abode in London (where else?!). Equally enchanted by the marble details as the open space plans, I immediately pictured myself living there (Honey, how about a move???). I mean, just look at that kitchen and that bathroom! And not to mention that bedroom corner, perfect for a silent minute to yourself! Excuse me while I spend the rest of my Sunday planning and researching to incorporate these features into my own, far more humble abode! Enjoy your Sunday!   Home first spotted on one of my favourite websites, My Domaine