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IKKS JUNIOR x ARMOR LUX – A Breton Stripe Extravaganza

Got your attention now, didn’t I? If you’re anything like me, nothing gets your fashion heart racing faster than a Breton stripe. A France Fashion Fanatic at heart, I could wear a Breton stripe all day, every day, any day, and I’ll be damned if my kids don’t have a stripe here and a stripe there tucked into their wardrobe. Armor Lux has this maritime themed Breton stripe thing down to a t, and when IKKS approached them for a collaboration, kids spring summer 2016 fashion just got a whole more interesting. Fusing Armor Lux’s nautical inspiration with IKKS’ French rock-vibe created a kick ass IKKS Junior x Armor Lux Collection, almost like Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourgh had a Saint Tropez love child. Reds, whites and blues, a Breton stripe meets a touch of graphic design… Spring, we’re longing for you! IKKS Junior x Armor Lux collection – available now in IKKS stores and on    

Star Wars – The Kids Version

Long gone are the days of dressing my little man to my own liking, he knows what he wants, and boy, does he tell me so! Already engrossed in everything that is robots, machines and all that flies or drives, he spotted these t-shirts the moment I brought them home and has wanted to wear little to nothing else ever since. Star Wars fandom has reached mythical heights ever since it’s release, and with a new episode coming soon, there’s no escaping it! IKKS realized that not only the big boys are thrilled with this new part of the saga, the little boys out there also love their C-3PO, R2-D2 and Yoda, and want to wear their heart on their sleeves (literally!). For these little guys, IKKS created the Star Wars Collection, a set of sweathsirts and t-shirts for all those wanting to be in a galaxy far, far away! Grey, black, navy and Star Wars prints, is it any wonder my little man wants to wear his longsleeves day and night?       …