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H&M X WWF for kids

Fashion with a heart, that’s how we like it! Swedish fashion giant H&M is teaming with the World Wildlife Fund and has launched a new kids’ collection aimed at helping conserve endangered species and make us aware of their plight. Made with organic cotton, the collection of sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, tights, pants and pajamas is available for babies and kids up to age 14. Roaring with prints of tigers, snow leopards, panda’s and other animals, the pieces are bound to strike a chord and get us to tbe donated to the WWF. Available now in your local H&M and online, so make a run for it! 12

Jumpsuit Season

While ’tis the season to be joyful, eat way too much, watch The Sound of Music for the millionth time in those cosy Christmas pyjama bottoms, there’s no escaping that Christmas party at the office or that family party everyone dreads. Instead of wondering which dress to wear this time, I plan on foregoing dresses alltogether this Yule time season, and go for gold every time in a jumpsuit. Classic black, with a lace back, striking crimson, budget friendly, structured elegance or a strapping strapless version, the possibilities are endless! Pair them with statement pieces or fine, understated necklaces, you can dress them up or down as you wish. Feeling chilly? Add in a tailored blazer, and once you escape that party to go dancing, guess what? No outfit change needed! What’s your favourite this season?      

Monochrome chic on a buget

Pair a catch up lunch with a friend plus a very windy afternoon with my ever-continuing love for all fashion black and white, and you get the zest of this post (and that day)! My love for all things black and white, and especially separates, is still going very strong, and I don’t see us breaking up any time in the nearby future. My wardrobe has been slowly evolving from a gigantic burst of preppy colour to a minimalist palette of blacks, whites and greys any Swede would be proud of, and as much as I just want to throw anything eve remotely colourful out and replace it with a Scandi-cool item, my bank account (and Mr B) do not agree with that, so time to go budget… This gorgeous H&M top was a bit of a lucky coincidence. I had to dash to several other meetings after a dentist’s appointment a week ago, and my dentist managed to spill some liquid all over the white silk blouse I was wearing that day. Shock horror, and …

Balmain For H&M!

What better way to start my week than a spot of breaking news! Swedish fashion giant has just announced their latest collaboration partner for their annual capsule collection, and this year, Balmain will be bringing their glamourous magic to to the masses with a collection for H&M that will include women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. Mark your calendars, book in a day off and be sure to head to H&M (or hit the web) on November 5! The collab will then be available on the company’s e-commerce site and in stores worldwide.

That First Esprit Summer Feeling

Every morning is the same story at my house. After a frantic morning rush to get the 2 littles ones ready (Mr B has to fend for himself :-)), I sprint upstairs with about 5 minutes to spare to get myself dressed. Often lacking inspiration and pressed for time, I find myself constantly reaching for the same uniforms, which also means that about half of my closet remains untounched. Additionally, with the weather teethering on the edge between winter and summer clothes, and  having just started a new job with a completely different, less business appropriate dress code (ie we can wear whatever we friggin’ want…), I’m in a style rut at the moment. Not good at all… Hold this thought! A while ago, the unthinkeable happened. I had the entire afternoon to myself. No wee ones needing to be entertained, husband off with plans of his own, so after having photographed anything and everything that needed it’s picture taken, I started having some fun. In one corner: some of the basics in my closet. In the …

Christmas gifts – for the husband

Christmas is only a week away and despite promising to do things differently this year, many of us still have to rush out to get those last minue gifts (guilty as charged…). In case you’re out of inspiration or still not quite sure what to get, I’m here to help you score that perfect gift for your better half, father, brother, friend or brother-in-law. Tech-savvy, wannabe Top Chef, stylish and suave or classics-loving average Joe, here’s what’s the LeenLovesStyle Christmas Tree has to offer the men in our lives this year: Cookbook / Sweater / Watch / Cufflinks / Perfume / Meat Thermometer / Cordless Battery / Jacket / Sunglasses / Cashmere Herringbone Print Scarf

Christmas Gifts – for your loved ones (and yourself)

Christmas is only a week away and despite promising to do things differently this year, many of us still have to rush out to get those last minue gifts (guilty as charged…). In case you’re out of inspiration or still not quite sure what to get, I’m here to help you score that perfect gift for your mum, sister, style- and beauty-addicted friend or even mother-in-law you want to keep happy. Here’s what’s the LeenLovesStyle Christmas Tree has to offer this year: Monogrammed Mugs / Bobbi Brown Warm Glow palette / Copper Pillow / Nespresso x KitchenAid / Pai Intensive Nourishing Facial Set / Cashmere Scarf / Perfume / Golden Shoes / Cutting Board / Une Nuit A Bali Travel Kit / Necklace / Verso Skincare Set / Sweater      

Autumn Favourites

These first few weeks of Autumn have passed, and after all those months of t-shirts, skinnies, shorts, tops and silk shirts, we are all desperate to slip into our winter gear, wishing to be wrapped in cashmere, wool or leather whilst sipping Pumpskin Spice Lattes, hot chocolate and mulled wine. We want to rejoice in our structured coats and wave goodbye to bikinis (until the thick of Winter when we can all start complaining about the cold and long for Spring.), enjoy that thought process of layering, fall in love with that perfect soft knit and hunt for that perfect coat (one for each occassion of course!). Rich colours such as oxblood, camel, sage and navy, paired with black and white remain classics that are true troopers when it comes to compatabilty (hello cost per wear!), so they’ll be staples for years to come. A shearling jacket with a peplum twist, a gorgeous leather pencil skirt, a hipster pair of ankle boots or the comfiest over the knee boots out there, a few well selected …

H&M All for Kids Collection

Halloween is coming up, and while this holiday may not yet be as popular and widely known in Belgium as it is in the US, any reason to dress up is a good one, especially for children. H&M have always my go-to place when it comes to fun clothes for my little one, and this autumn they have gone even one step further and have created a special “dressing up” collection for children in support of UNICEF. The All For Children Collection supports UNICEF’s educational and health care projects by donating 25% of the sales of this collection. H&M launched the All for Children initiative with UNICEF in 2009 with a $4.5million donation to help children in need. This autumn’s collection will help UNICEF reach 40,000 children living in slums in Dhaka with improved education, security and rights protection. “I’m so excited that this year’s All for Children collection is all about dressing up. Children love to have fun with their clothing. This collection will allow them to enter new worlds, tell new stories, and to have …

To leather or not to leather?

Als je over lederen kledij spreekt, wordt er maar al te vaak direct gedacht aan motorrijders, lederhosen en een outfit die niet zou misstaan in een bondage-kelder. Echter is leder al een paar seizoenen hot, en vinden de lederen stukken en details steeds beter en beter hun weg naar mijn kleerkast. Broeken, shorts, zelfs kleedjes  en vestjes, je kan er alle kanten mee uit, en afhankelijk van waar je het mee combineert, kan je er perfect mee naar feestjes, diners en zelfs familiebezoekjes. Dit weekend had ik onderstaande outfit aan voor een bezoekje aan vrienden, waarna er nog een etentje bij mijn ouders op het programma stond. De blazer verzacht de “motard” look van de broek een beetje, terwijl de broek net een edge geeft aan het vestje, dat er anders wat te braaf zou kunnen uitzien. Ook zorgen de lederen details op het vestje voor wat extra punch. Het zijden topje trekt het geheel helemaal samen, comfortabel genoeg voor een weekend outfit, maar toch chique genoeg om elke outfit wat deftiger te maken. Dit …