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Quality Over Quantity*

*Every Single Time! Yesterday was a day of revelations, of confirmation that quality has always and will always trump quantity. Yesterday was a day of discovery, of premium quality ingredients and the resulting exquisite products, of artisanry and passion, of shining a light on the people and the love behind a brand. Of liquid gold that touches the mind, overflows the heart and revives the spirit. Yesterday afternoon was all about beautiful niche perfumes, with stories to tell, memories to create and scents to evoke so much more (yes Goldfield & Banks, I am looking at you! #loveatfirstwhiff). Later that night, Bruichladdich came onto the scene, with a delightful and educational tasting of their latest Micro Provenance series. A simple play on barley and their geographical influences, this series proves once more what can be created if the base you start with is of excellent quality. So now and forever, quality over quantity!  

Sunday Musings

“Sundays are for relaxing”, I must have said that a thousand times. As much as I adore blogging, Sunday mornings in the LLS household are never spent in fromt of a computer screen, tapping away on those keys. These hours are for relaxing, for reconnecting, for reviving and above all for recharging. After being woken by the kids jumping on our bed, Mr B and I totter downstairs and I make a beeline for our Nespresso* to get my first coffee of the day. The scent of coffee fills the air, the kids whip up their own fruit salad for brunch and that banana bread my two mini’s and I baked together yesterday is just enticing me to dive in (if you want the recipe, just let me know donw in the comments …). Latte Macchiato in hand, love all around me, pyjama-clad flashes whizzing all though the kitchen, my favourite flowers in the corner of my eye, what else does one need? Who cares about George Clooney when I have Mr B right here …

Christmas gifts – for the husband

Christmas is only a week away and despite promising to do things differently this year, many of us still have to rush out to get those last minue gifts (guilty as charged…). In case you’re out of inspiration or still not quite sure what to get, I’m here to help you score that perfect gift for your better half, father, brother, friend or brother-in-law. Tech-savvy, wannabe Top Chef, stylish and suave or classics-loving average Joe, here’s what’s the LeenLovesStyle Christmas Tree has to offer the men in our lives this year: Cookbook / Sweater / Watch / Cufflinks / Perfume / Meat Thermometer / Cordless Battery / Jacket / Sunglasses / Cashmere Herringbone Print Scarf

Hendrick’s Quinetum

A true Gin Tonic revival! Gin Tonic has seen quite the boost in “coolness” these last few seasons. Once the drink for avid restaurant goers and British gentlemen (or those wanting to be one), it has evolved into the drink of choice of hipsters everywhere. Dedicated Gin Tonic bars are popping up left, right and center, the quality of spirits offered often ranging from cheesy pubs serving low rated liquor to mixologist masters serving the finest spirits. The secret of a perfect G&T lies in the marriage between the choice of gin and, even more so, the other half of this union, the tonic. Complementary at the least, the tonic has to enhance the subtleties and nuances of the spirit, elevating the whole to the next level and making the whole more than the sum of the parts. No one understood this better than Hendrick’s Gin, and in wanting to keep offering the best possible spirits to mixologists worldwide, they decided to research, create and launch Quinetum, a highly exclusive quinine cordial (don’t call it ‘just …

A sparkling Friday night thanks to Fizz & Fruit

Imagine the following setting: a sunlit Friday night, a gorgeous chateau located in an equally gorgeous park, soft, jazzy music floating through the air and a constant topping up of the glass of bubbles in your hand.  The invite for the launch event of a new sparkling wine was what set this perfect date night in motion… Organised by Mampaey, this magical night was the perfect setting for the presentation of their newest drink, the Fizz & Fruit Pamplemousse, as well as getting reacquainted with their other brands. Undoubtedly the star of the evening, the Frizz and Fruit Pamplemousse deserves an article of it’s own, so that will be heading your way next week. In true mansion-style, each drink had it’s own bar in a separate room, and you could just waltz from the Infini Champagne bar via the Mouton Cadet  wine station and the Ile de Ré Cognac booth to my personal favourite, the Ungava Canadian Premium Gin hotspot where Ungava Global Brand Ambassador Joshua Broom was shaking and cocktail making the night away. Bombarded …