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Wednesday Wishlist – Boss Bespoke Bag

It’s Wednesday, time to get wishlist-ing! Hugo Boss and I, we are like two peas in a pod, and with the holidays coming up, they couldn’t have released their Bespoke Collection at a better time! This is not the first time I’ve fallen madly in love with a piece from my favourite German brand, my love for their sleek, minimalist, elegant pieces has been well documented here on the blog. A while ago, I satisfied my Boss craving by wearing a dress of theirs to my sister’s wedding, but my heart caught fire again when I laid eyes on the BOSS Bespoke Bag. 100% finest calf leather, clear lines and several inside pockets, this bag is a prime example of the German no frills aesthetic. Added touch however is the personalization service, in which the bag is shipped from the leather atelier in Florence to the hands of a second set of craftsmen in Paris, who will then upgrade the bag even futher to your personal wishes. Refinement and elegance meets Nordic minimalism and functionality, it’s …

Cosy Knit Days

Autumn is cosy, delightful, gorgeously sunny at it’s best, and frizz-inducing rainy at it’s worst. Some days you want to go outside, explore the woods or walk those sandy beaches all the way up to the horizon and take so many envy-inducing sunlit pictures for your entire Instagram world to see. And some days, all you want to do is stay in, curl up in your softest, warmest, gentlest knit, like a warm wave of love embracing  you, have a cuppa and a book, and stay in, all day long. No social media, no errands, no obligations, no outside world! Just you and that big ball of Amour that is your favourite knit! Case in point: today! There’s no getting me outside, and my beloved bundle of heavenly softness (aka my cashmere scarf) and monochrome long cardigan are all I need. No stress, no fuss, I’m just gonna stay inside my little bubble. Pure and utter bliss! Cardigan / Scarf  

Camel and Cashmere, my two favourite Autumn C’s

Nothing defines Autumn fashions like these two do! Intertwined like Coco and Chanel, the camel coat and cashmere pieces create that feel of luxury, elegance and comfort like no other pieces can. Dress any outfit up with a tailored camel mid length coat, et voila: instant chic! Add in this gorgeous dove grey cashmere sweater, and the perfect Autumn weekend outfit is born! A softness that you just want wrap yourself in, and when combined with a white pair of jeans (who says you can’t wear white after Labour day?) and an even more delectable cashmere scarf? I think I’ve found my uniform! Camel Coat / Cashmere Sweater / Cashmere Scarf: Massimo Dutti White Jeans: H&M Shoes: Converse    

Birthday Wishlist – It’s that time of the year again!

Another year has come and gone, and my birthday is here again. My roaring twenties might have turned into thriving thirties, but every birthday is the occasion par excellence for the only things that’s great about birthdays: presents!! Being the good girl that I am, I’ve had this little list ready for quite a while, so if anyone wonders what I’m dreaming about, I’m more than happy to share with you! This Marks & Spencer camel or dark grey fedora to get me through winter, the Givenchy Antigona Medium Duffel Bag in black that I’m still dreaming about, or maybe these stunning black croco print H&M ankle booties! Burberry‘s lipstick and nail polish in Oxblood are instant classics, and need to make their way to my bathroom stat! Baukjen still is one of my favourite brands, and these Dorchester houndstooth separates will take me from day to night, with the Magali Pichasi bangle being the perfect daytime arm candy, and the Sophie Bille Brahe Rève Diamante earrings to add a bit of sparkle to any …

Star Wars – The Kids Version

Long gone are the days of dressing my little man to my own liking, he knows what he wants, and boy, does he tell me so! Already engrossed in everything that is robots, machines and all that flies or drives, he spotted these t-shirts the moment I brought them home and has wanted to wear little to nothing else ever since. Star Wars fandom has reached mythical heights ever since it’s release, and with a new episode coming soon, there’s no escaping it! IKKS realized that not only the big boys are thrilled with this new part of the saga, the little boys out there also love their C-3PO, R2-D2 and Yoda, and want to wear their heart on their sleeves (literally!). For these little guys, IKKS created the Star Wars Collection, a set of sweathsirts and t-shirts for all those wanting to be in a galaxy far, far away! Grey, black, navy and Star Wars prints, is it any wonder my little man wants to wear his longsleeves day and night?       …

Bomber love

A bomber jacket never really topped my must-have lists, it looked all right on others, but on me? Tailored blazers, leather perfecto’s, pea coats and trench coat models came and went, but the love between a bomber jacket and me, well that just bombed… And then this exquisite Scapa beauty caught my eye. Drawn in by the midnight blue and silver tweed front and back paneling, which stands out even more thanks to it’s contrast with the navy sleeves, it’s as if Coco Chanel herself created a baseball jacket with a Chanel twist . It just exudes sporty chic, and while I may not be sporty, chic is my middle name! I  was heading out to meet a friend of mine for lunch on one of those first Autumn days when you the skies are celestial and the air is crisp, and was so hell bent on wearing this new love of mine, that I matched it with a white silk tee and a pair of tuxedo shorts. Autumn, me and my new friend are ready …

Cachemire Coton Soie A/W 15

Just when I thought my entire wardrobe would be grey, black and white this Autumn and Winter, soft knits and skinnies reigning supreme, I got a bit of a shock. A colour shock, courtesy of Cachemire Coton Soie! Pieces tailored to perfection, walking that tight line between casual and feminine elagance, a jolt of colour to brighten a dreay day without going overoard or looking like a technicolour candy cane. Every single piece could be the lovechild of elegant Carolina Herrera and streamlined Victoria Beckham, with a little seasoning of Hedi Slimane. And those boots, oh those boots!

Monochrome chic on a buget

Pair a catch up lunch with a friend plus a very windy afternoon with my ever-continuing love for all fashion black and white, and you get the zest of this post (and that day)! My love for all things black and white, and especially separates, is still going very strong, and I don’t see us breaking up any time in the nearby future. My wardrobe has been slowly evolving from a gigantic burst of preppy colour to a minimalist palette of blacks, whites and greys any Swede would be proud of, and as much as I just want to throw anything eve remotely colourful out and replace it with a Scandi-cool item, my bank account (and Mr B) do not agree with that, so time to go budget… This gorgeous H&M top was a bit of a lucky coincidence. I had to dash to several other meetings after a dentist’s appointment a week ago, and my dentist managed to spill some liquid all over the white silk blouse I was wearing that day. Shock horror, and …

Family Fun

When the invitation for the ZulupaPUWA 10 year birthday party came galloping into my mailbox, it was quickly decided that we would make it a family day at the the zoo. End of summer, an all access pass at the zoo, a gorgeous sunlit day, two happy children and a Mr B taking a day off work, all the ingredients were there for an amazing family day. Before and after the new collection presentation (which, buy the way is an absolute stunner, a real sartorial fest for stylish kids), the kids roamed, discovered and conquered the animal kingdom of Planckendael, and Mr B and I enjoyed every minute of it! Playsuit Little Miss C – JBC x Rainbow City Warriors Mr A: t-shirt – CKS / Shorts – JBC Me: Top – Esprit / Trousers – JBC 

Diapers and Milk and a brand new hotspot

Looking for the perfect marble printed tees and leggings for my little ones (Obsessed? Me?) , I stumbled across Diapers and Milk on Studio Aimée and I was sold! In an instant, hook, line and sinker! What may look like an ordinary collection of leggings to an outstander, is actually my idea of sartorial heaven for my mini me’s! What may look like just a collection of basic leggings is in fact the brainchild of Leia Sfez (check this übercool mom’s Instagram, it’s envy-enducing and inspiring at the same time!), and draws from her personal style. Minimalist, monochrome and architectural are key words,  which make that these, mainly minimalistic black and white are timeless, priceless and full of style. All Diapers and Milk pieces are made out of organic cotton and printed with non-toxic ink,  The combination possibilities are endless,  and as Leia does not follow the season but updates her collection continuously, so are the shopping possibilities! And when Leia does collaborations, so does them right! A brainstorming session with Veja led to these …