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Going Alessi for Christmas

The 6th of December has come and gone, so time to get the run-up to my pesonal highlight of the year started! A fully-fledged Chistmas lover, I’ve been wanting to break out my Christmas decorations for weeks now, and finally, I get to go all the way! Step one, lighting a gorgeously scented candle! Step two, Christmas tree and decorations galore! Step three, Instagram the jingle bells out of it! Those of you that have been reading this little corner of the blogosphere for a while (thank you so much for that, I love you all!), must already have noticed that I have a certain fondness for all things Alessi, case in point here and here! This year is no different, so when their newest Christmas tree ornaments were released, I could not get my hands on them quickly enough! Delightful, tongue in cheek and more Christmas’y than a Christmas jumper or the bad office party, these ornaments found their place in my tree quicker than you can say “kiss me under the mistletoe!”   …

Deco Dreaming – A Pinterest Worthy Office

Being the cool blogger that I am, I don’t have my own office at home. We had one, I must admit, but it got turned into a nursery when I was pregnant child nr 1., you know, priorities and all. With child nr 2, any dreams about my own office space got pushed back even further, but the dream remains! For the time being, my dining room table (or even sofa) has to do as my working area, but one day…one day I’ll have my own space! And when that day comes, I’d better be prepared, so I’ve got inspiration at the ready! My love affair with a white interior will probably never fade, there’s no doubt that my little corner needs to be a calming shade white as well! A few cabinets or drawer for storage are imperative, so that I can keep the working surface as clean and tidy as possible (tidy desk = tidy mind…), a little accessory or detail here and there, and I am a very happy camper! And as …

50 shades of white to calm my mind

This morning’s Instagram picture says it all, when it comes to what I dream about what I’d love my ideal home interior to look like, soft tones of grey and a hint of colour keep popping up in an otherwise almost virgin-esqye white surrounding. A place to come home to after a day of meetings and where you can just mentally disconnect from all the stress, where everything just oozes calmth. For now, with two toddlers running, jumping and meddling around, it will best remain a moodboard and smorgasbord of ideas, but the moment my two little mosters stop spilling their food and drinks everywhere, this post will be prime inspiration for that major interior overhaul! Pictures courtesy of Pinterest and Tumblr

Christmas Gifts – for your loved ones (and yourself)

Christmas is only a week away and despite promising to do things differently this year, many of us still have to rush out to get those last minue gifts (guilty as charged…). In case you’re out of inspiration or still not quite sure what to get, I’m here to help you score that perfect gift for your mum, sister, style- and beauty-addicted friend or even mother-in-law you want to keep happy. Here’s what’s the LeenLovesStyle Christmas Tree has to offer this year: Monogrammed Mugs / Bobbi Brown Warm Glow palette / Copper Pillow / Nespresso x KitchenAid / Pai Intensive Nourishing Facial Set / Cashmere Scarf / Perfume / Golden Shoes / Cutting Board / Une Nuit A Bali Travel Kit / Necklace / Verso Skincare Set / Sweater      


My last deco inspiration (need some bathroom inspiration?) post seems to have had some internal snowball effect, because all I seem to care and dream about these days is starting over, clearing out all of my furniture and just start from scratch. Rare free minutes are spent om Pinterest and Tumblr, and the images that catch my eye all seem to have a recurring theme: lots of white, wooden floors, marble tops and natural light flooding in. Maybe that’s also winter, going back to the purest of forms, however that expresses itself. Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find that little nightstand table and Love statue of the second picture, I will love you forever!   Pictures courtesy of Pinterest

An Italian Christmas, Alessi Style

An overly excited tweet on my part earlier this week made it already overly clear, but just in case that you missed it, allow me to repaint the picture for you: November 25, I wake up to grey, overcast skies, chilly temperatures and the lingering scent of the previous night’s scented candle (this one, if you were wondering), but all of a sudden I realized the one thing that would make my week: Only one more month to go before Christmas! True, I have been spamming you since early Novermber with my Christmas cheer, and by December 15, you’ll probably be begging me to stop, but for now, I’ll just keep getting into that X-Mas cheer and hopefully infect you along the way as well. This month is the one month I forego all my monochromatic preferences and Scandinavian streamlining obsessions, all ideas of capsule collections and strictly curated decorations go straight out of the window. Out come the tealight holders, the red and gold ornaments, and above, my dearly beloved and extremely cherished Alessi …

All I want for Christmas: Hotel Amigo x Diane Von Fürstenberg

Anyone planning a trip to London, Paris or New York these next few weeks to get their Christmas shopping done? Or just savour that Christmas spirit? Wander the local markets, enchanted by beautifully put together window stills, fairy lit shopping streets and stay in gorgeously decorated hotels, where well known designers often display their take on seasonal cheer and create the epic Christmas tree in the hotel lobby. Why not forego the often-visited, traditional December weekend-trip destinations, and discover the gem that is our own capital, Brussels, during a little Christmas-lovin’ weekend? First point: where to stay? A grand hotel in truest form of the word, Hotel Amigo has long been one of the finest luxury hotels Brussels has to offer, having been the choice of hotel for high class dignitaries, European Union officials and first class celebrities such as U2, Tina Turner, Robbie Williams and the ever graceful Nicole Kidman . This Yuletide season, the luxury 5-star hotel has chosen Diane von Fürstenberg to magically transform their hotel lobby into a winter wonderland. Returning back to …