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White and gold heaven

It’s Sunday, time for my weekly interior design inspiration session, also known as “I really want to redo the whole of my house, but might have to wait a while longer….” This week, I’ve been crushing on white (#repeatoffender) with little touches of gold, both yellow and rose. A light fixture here or a kitchen or bathroom tap there, the hue of the accent forms a perfect offset that makes the white look even more pristine and calming, so hey, double whammy!  

Sunday Inspiration

I am a sucker for beautiful bathroom decors, and don’t we all know it. I admit, I am guilty as charged, so what better way to spend a lazy Sunday, especially a cold, freezing one like today, browsing for some bathroom inspiration. Hot cup of tea in one hand, legs cozily covered by softest blanket ever, kids are happily playing in their room (Thank heavens for Lego!) and I am floating away on clouds of marble, stunning bathroom vanities, deco inspiration and a renewed surge to tackle my bathroom. Happy a happy Sunday lovelies!   Pictures via Pinterest and Tumblr

Organization love

I know, with a title like that, there’s bound to be some eyebrow raising and strange looks going on at the other end of the screen, but bear with me for a second. If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll probably have noticed that I have a bit of a soft spot for interior design, white and a bit of order. Combine those three together, and I am a very happy camper! Remember my office design inspiration post? One of the pictures that inspired me most was the one of a plain white magnetic board, cleverly filled with holders that keeep everything neat and tidy. But alas, as with most Pinterest images, I had no idea where or how to get my hands on it. And then the Now! mag by Hülsta caught my eye, and it’s almost as if the designers had reached inside my head, encapsulated my deco dreams and drew them into a beautiful reality. It’s Friday, I’m in love! The magnetic whiteboard provides a perfect blank canvas for the modular structures, one …