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Wanted: Christmas Inspiration

Christmas is in the air, and I am just bursting with excitement! I am beyond ready to deck the halls, decorate the tree and jingle all the way till Boxing Day! Much to my husband’s despair, I love going with a theme each, and after going red and gold these last few years, I feel torn this time. Red and gold really exudes that ultimate Christmas feeling of warmth, festivity and togetherness, but somehow I am also drawn to that crisp, fresh white Scandi Christmas feel (maybe I’ll keep that hint of gold)… On top of that, I am hosting the Christmas dinner this year and I took almost a fortnight off from work to be at home with the kids, so my mind is just bubbling with ideas, inspiration and recipes. All that’s left now is to create some order in the chaos that is my brain, and see where my hours spent procrastinating on the ingenious trap that is Pinterest will lead me… Pics via Pinterest

A smorgasbord of white

Sundays at casa LeenLovesStyle are for deco dreaming, and today is not an exception. Those who know me, are well acquainted with my special “deco dreaming map” on my phone, a visual smorgasbord of all that entices me and makes float away on a cloud of interior design inspiration. This goes from colour schemes, little trinkets to all over designs, from bathrooms to kitchens and from white to white and more white. hey, what did you expect? Here’s what caught my eye (and my phone) this week. Images via Pinterest and Tumblr  

5 Things

It’s been a while since I last did one of these 5 Things articles, giving you a peek inside my head and try to decipher the constant internal rambling that goes on in there. Beauty, fashion, interior design, work planning, kids wardrobes, that’s only a fraction of what rushed through my mind any given day these last few weeks, so how about we dive straight in? Everyone that knows me personally, knows that I work for a green and renewable energy company, so when fashions meets sustainabilty, I am all ears! Marks and Spencer brought their Clothes Exchange to Belgium this week, and I was bopping around like a kid on Christmas Eve, giddy with excitement. For each donation of used clothes and 30 euo purchase, you get a 5 euro voucher. Out with the old, in with the new, extra budget for a next shopping trip and putting in your 2 cents for Mother Nature, what’s not to like?! Looking online for decoration inspiration for my future kitchen remains one of my favourite pastimes, …

Interior Envy

Another Sunday, another incredibly chic house that sets my interior design loving heart into overdrive… I was researching another post (this one actually), and stumbled across this stunning, not so humble abode in London (where else?!). Equally enchanted by the marble details as the open space plans, I immediately pictured myself living there (Honey, how about a move???). I mean, just look at that kitchen and that bathroom! And not to mention that bedroom corner, perfect for a silent minute to yourself! Excuse me while I spend the rest of my Sunday planning and researching to incorporate these features into my own, far more humble abode! Enjoy your Sunday!   Home first spotted on one of my favourite websites, My Domaine

Brass gold floats my bathroom boat

It’s funny how one’s taste can change over the years. 5 years ago, you couldn’t get me to like or wear gold even if you forced or bribed me to, and now, it’s slowly but surely creeping in. True, I still only like it in a matte or slightly antique, somewhat burnished hue, but it’s starting to pop up in the form of a cuff on my arm, or a little tray around the house. Lately however I’ve been loving how it seems to spice up my beloved white and marble combination, especially in the bathroom. A brass golden tap or sink lightens up an entire bathroom, however, let’s just keep it at that one golden touch, the Versailles look is a deco no-go for me…  

Office Envy

Another Sunday, and a rare moment of utter relaxation while my two mini’s are happily (and quietly) playing… time to get deco dreaming. A series of click throughs led me to Harper and Harley (I.Adore.Sarah!!! And her style even more so!) and more specifically her article “How To Make You Work Space Look Straight Out Of Pinterest”, and boy, I was sold. All of my office dreams had been turned into reality, and poured into visuals for me to see (and pin, and save onto several boards!). A lot of white, touches of grey and black and beautiful marble accessories and some greeneries as the finishing touch! Aaaahhh deco dreaming, my favourite Sunday pasttime!   Pictures via Harper and Harley    

Deco Dreaming – A White Sofa?

The greyer it gets outside, the dreamier I get inside. I know I keep blabbing on and on about white and black and all that monochrome love of mine, (I should probably rename this blog 50 shades of white obsessed), and this time, but deco dreaming has skipped an entire room and has zoomed in on a single item, a pristine, clean and lush white sofa. As much as I love my current slate grey version (kids + leather sofa = dream team!), I cannot help myself dreaming away about angelic white arrangements, with black and grey touches, completely flooded by gorgeous sunlight streaming in through windows as grand as can be! One day, my dreams will come true! Inspiration courtesy of Pinterest

Deco Dreaming – A Pinterest Worthy Office

Being the cool blogger that I am, I don’t have my own office at home. We had one, I must admit, but it got turned into a nursery when I was pregnant child nr 1., you know, priorities and all. With child nr 2, any dreams about my own office space got pushed back even further, but the dream remains! For the time being, my dining room table (or even sofa) has to do as my working area, but one day…one day I’ll have my own space! And when that day comes, I’d better be prepared, so I’ve got inspiration at the ready! My love affair with a white interior will probably never fade, there’s no doubt that my little corner needs to be a calming shade white as well! A few cabinets or drawer for storage are imperative, so that I can keep the working surface as clean and tidy as possible (tidy desk = tidy mind…), a little accessory or detail here and there, and I am a very happy camper! And as …

Mesmerizing Marble

Marble has it! Michelangelo knew it, the Romans knew it and boy, do I know it! Marble has really been having it’s moment these last few moments, with it’s beautiful confluence of white and soft grey popping up everyhere, from serving as the best backdrop for a beauty product shot to being the hottest print for t-shirts and accessories! Marble in my house? Now we’re talking! I’ve been going Pinterest crazy lately, looking for all the marble-infused inspiration I need!   Pictures via Pinterest    

White wooden floor dreamin’

Kids and a white decor, that sounds like asking for trouble! And still, I just cannot stop dreaming about painting our (not so fantastic, boring beige-brown) wooden floors upstairs (and downstairs if I’m completely honest) a beautiful shade of white! To just jump in, feet first, re-do the entire upper floor and just not think about my wee ones painting and drawing on that pristine white canvas, getting Play Doh stuck in every nook and cranny or black tire marks from just about every Lego vehicle racing from one end of the room to the other. The more I think about, white really is the way to go! Might just have to wait a few more years till after those toddler years, and just be happy dreaming and Pinterest-ing till then….