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Wishlist Wednesday – K/Metal Signature Bag

Bonjour mon amour! As much as Mr Lagerfeld would disapprove on sight if he ever met me (double digit size, strong willed and quick-witted, it’s fair to say I do not behold to Mr Lagerfeld’s standard of what a woman should be), I must concede that he does have an eye for beauty and elegance. From the first picture straight to my wishlist in a heartbeat, that’s about how my first impression of the new Karl Lagerfeld K/Metal Signature Shoulderbag went. Clean lines, smooth, strong and structured leather and one striking detail instead of tassels all over, je l’adore! Adorned with Mr Lagerfeld’s signature, the black one just exudes timeless elegance, yet gives off a little hipster vibe at the same time! Hey Mr B, we’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up….

Just un Clou – Just a Dream?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, jewellery are a woman’s soft spot, shortly put, if it’s gold, sparkly and costs a pretty penny, it’s a surefit way into your lady love’s heart! As part of the fairer sex, I too have a soft spot for a gorgeous piece to enhance my neck, wrist or ears, and even more, I know exactly what I want! For the last few years, I’ve been clou crazy! Ever since Cartier launched their Just Un Clou Collection, I’ve been passionately coveting it, and the love has not waned! All I need is my own personal Mr Rockefeller, and the Clou bracelet in Rose Gold will finally be mine! But for now, I’ll have to do with dreaming and hoping, with desiring and coveting. I’ve got clou fever!

Wednesday Wishlist – Boss Bespoke Bag

It’s Wednesday, time to get wishlist-ing! Hugo Boss and I, we are like two peas in a pod, and with the holidays coming up, they couldn’t have released their Bespoke Collection at a better time! This is not the first time I’ve fallen madly in love with a piece from my favourite German brand, my love for their sleek, minimalist, elegant pieces has been well documented here on the blog. A while ago, I satisfied my Boss craving by wearing a dress of theirs to my sister’s wedding, but my heart caught fire again when I laid eyes on the BOSS Bespoke Bag. 100% finest calf leather, clear lines and several inside pockets, this bag is a prime example of the German no frills aesthetic. Added touch however is the personalization service, in which the bag is shipped from the leather atelier in Florence to the hands of a second set of craftsmen in Paris, who will then upgrade the bag even futher to your personal wishes. Refinement and elegance meets Nordic minimalism and functionality, it’s …

Wishlist Wednesday – Louis Vuitton – The Spirit of Travel

Oh Louis, how your campaigns have this mesmerizing effect on me! Your Lockit Bag is still the star of many a dream thanks to the ravishing Michelle Williams, your original Spirit of Travel series took me straight to the African wilderness, and your latest odyssey again has me grasping for air. Like no other, Louis Vuitton understand the impact of a striking image, and their newest Spirit of Travel Campaign is a true visual feast of elegance, colourful abundance and craftmanship. Shot by Patrick Dermachelier, LV takes us between the sky and the sea, under the beating sun, where the abundance of sun-drenched aquamarine,  orange, deep green and dark copper evokes dreams of tropical getaways and African safari’s. Le sigh….

Sophie Bille Brahe

Every woman loves jewellery! A fact that is as true as water being wet, sun being warm and a crow desiring all that glistens and gleams. Some have a pendant for costume jewellery, decorating themselves from head to toe, dreaming themselves a true Old Hollywood movie star. Others prefer a more subdued aproach, gracefully enhancing their necks, ears, wrists or fingers with fine jewellery, exquisite in it’s subtlety and pureness. Sophie Bille Brahe‘s designs for her eponymous brand  definitely cater to that second category of women, enchanting us with elegant designs with an avant-garde twist that showcase her Scandinavian roots and her passion for astrology, clean lines, storytelling and elegance. A graduate from London’s Royal College of Arts, Sophie Bille Brahe returrned to her hometown of Copenhagen and started working on her own project. With keywords such as modern luxury, elegance, poetic elements and innovation, her collections since 2013 have featured a modern play on pearls, astrology, delicately diamond dotted pieces and the reflections of precious stones and muted gold. Subtle pieces, such as dainty …

Atelier 11’s jewellery makes me feel like a little girl again and wanting to join the circus

When I was a little girl, I had this fantasy (albeit very shortly) to spend my Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays at the circus school and spend hours perfecting my rope walking, ball juggling and trapeze flying skills. Even now as an adult, I still can’t walk by a circus without having a little daydream. Modern day escapism? Daydream nr 2 usually goes along the lines of me having a little stroll around the Place Vendôme in Paris, peeking and delighting in one jeweller’s shop window after the other, taking in every gleam and glitter of all the sparkly diamond or  gemstone ring, bracelet of necklace that catch the rays of sunlight bouncing n. So when I saw glimpses of Atelier 11‘s newest summer collection marrying that childhood dream of joining that circus school and my Audrey Hepburn dreams of beautiful jewellery,  may or may not have squealed a little. Delicate and dainty at the same time, these little ballerina’s, lions jumping through hoops, live cannon ball men, sweet elephants and other circus acts have this …

Christmas Gifts – for your loved ones (and yourself)

Christmas is only a week away and despite promising to do things differently this year, many of us still have to rush out to get those last minue gifts (guilty as charged…). In case you’re out of inspiration or still not quite sure what to get, I’m here to help you score that perfect gift for your mum, sister, style- and beauty-addicted friend or even mother-in-law you want to keep happy. Here’s what’s the LeenLovesStyle Christmas Tree has to offer this year: Monogrammed Mugs / Bobbi Brown Warm Glow palette / Copper Pillow / Nespresso x KitchenAid / Pai Intensive Nourishing Facial Set / Cashmere Scarf / Perfume / Golden Shoes / Cutting Board / Une Nuit A Bali Travel Kit / Necklace / Verso Skincare Set / Sweater      

A little tongue-in-cheek never hurt anyone: The Fendi Buggies Large Peekaboo Bag

I know, I know, I usually fly the flag for all that is understated elegance (prime examples here, here and here), simple and timeless designs usually do the trick for me, but once in a blue moon, something passes by that is just too much of an eyecatcher not to notice. Some time ago, Fendi released the bag bugs (cue the cute video below), and they now let these little monsters run rampant throughout the rest of the collection. This bag, the Fendi Bag Bugs takeover of the classic Peekaboo beauty, will surely get you noticed! Crocodile intarsia eyes peeking over the red nappa lining, overseeing the black smooth calfskin exterior, almost like a devil in disguise. Naughty but nice, the Italian way! Che bella donna!  

Christmas Wishlist – Atelier Swarovski By Viktor & Rolf

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”, Marilyn Monroe used to pout, but Ms Monroe hadn’t discovered the desirability of a glistening Swarovski crystal. The allure of these Austrian natural crystals is known worldwide since 1895, and 2007 saw the creation of Atelier Swarovski, their upscale accessories collection to shine a light on their star product in a way crystals had not been seen before in accessorries or decor pieces. Ever since that launch, they have joined forces with over 50 world renowed designers, in the realms of jewellry, fashion, architecture and design, all following the the flow of the Fashion Weeks. Previous collaborations include Karl Lagerfeld, Christopher Kane and Zaha Hadid, The latest partner chosen by Atelier Swarovski to express this desire to move past the nomal, to push them out of their comfort zone and elevate the brand to another level? The Dutch avant-garde rebels of fashion, the kings of dark, delicate glamour, Viktor & Rolf. Viktor Horsting en Rolf Snoeren, inspired by their Parisian flagship store completely covered in grey felt, created the Atelier Swarovski by …

Burberry Eyewear Trench Collection

While it is grey and depressing outside, with grey skies looming and rain about to come pouring down, I’m sat here inside with a big, steaming cup of tea, longingly looking at summer collections and accessories. Such weather calls for comfort, and comfort is often found in personal favourites and staples. One of mine are my glasses (to face or hide away from the world) and as it happens, Britain’s finest have just released their newest eyewear collection.  Burberry’s trenchcoat has long been a true icon, renowed worldwide and loved by all ages and races. Created as a protection from the elements (perfect on a rainy day like this), it has become a true staple in every woman and man’s closet. Inspired by this iconic piece, the Burberry Trench Eyewear Collection is an optical reflection of the classic. From the infamous Burberry check on the temples to the leather temple tips, these glasses reflect the craftsmanship that Burberry values. Made from enamel, metal, acetate, and leather, the collection of glasses and sunglasses embraces a classic Burberry …