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Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss

Raving about the most summer-y looking, sounding and evoking fragrance in the freezing dead of winter, quite the contradiction, right? And no, I see no issue whatsoever with that… I’ve never been the type to match my perfumes to the season and do that switch up twice a year, I just go with my mood each morning, and see my fragrance as the extension of my day ahead. Goldfield & Banks and I met by chance, a late night Instagram inspiration session (‘cause all modern-day couples meet like that nowadays…), a splash of blue, a ray of sunlight, an image that stoopped my heart, and I was sold in an instant! Never having held the bottle, never having experienced the scent, and still, the atmosphere and story of that image was so beguiling that I wanted to know more, smell more, experience more! Dimitri Weber was one of Belgium’s perfume PR exec’s par excellence. After a thriving career that saw him represent the best of the olifactory best, create the signature fragrance for an interior …

Merry Christmas

That crisp, freezing chill in the air these last few mornings bore promise that the most wonderful time of the year really has arrrived, and that there really is nowhere else to be than inside with your loved ones!  Today is Santa’s Day, so there is no content creating, beauty blogging or plain old babbling happening over here! I am hosting my family for a Christmas dinner today, and am beyond excited (and stressed!) However, I still wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, whoever and wherever you are! The end of year is always a reflective, nostalgic time, and while I could spend hours dwelling on 2017, I look towards 2018 with a sense of purpose, determination, love and utter gratefulness for all that I have in my life!  May you have a splendid Christmas filled with lights, love and laughter! A Merry Everything and a Happy Always from my family to yours!

A Bit Of ZebraBook Magic For My Mini’s

An Instagram post of mine earlier this week already gave it away, but my kids really are turning into certified bookworms, and I could not be happier. I was that little girl that could always be found in that quiet corner, a book in hand and completely enthralled by the story in front of me, and seeing my children now being equally captivated by that magic makes my heart burst. Christmas is the perfect moment to add even more of that literary magic to their collection, and  ZebraBook‘s personalised children’s book add the perfect fit! Allowing kids to be the hero of their own story, the letters of their first and last name weave together a stunning and personalised story, taking them on grand tours of Europe or empowering them with cool talents. These are the kind of stories that power their imagination, enhances their love for reading and builds their self confidence. This is a gift that will last a lifetime. Available via the ZebraBook website From € 29,50  

The Tasting Club Invites You To Push Your Boundaries

The Tasting Club will see you now…. Life is all about pushing yourself, about steering off the known route and onto ventures unknown. Sometimes life leads you down the path of a new passion, and before you know it, you reach that point where you either stop (and wonder ‘what if’ for the rest of your life) or jump, eyes closed, heart in your hands and mind wide open, eager to learn and push your boundaries beyond what you thought was possible. My crossroads presented itself when an invitation of The Tasting Club for a session on the Vins De Provence (Wines of the Provence) popped into my mailbox. It’s no secret that I love food and that I adore to cook, that has been seeping in here onto LeenLovesStyle this year, but to call myself a fully fledged food blogger would be a few steps to far (#2018goals). One invitation, 3 challenges! An unknown wine region begging to be discovered, an Iranian finger food and matching Vins de Provence wine exploration courtesy of Leading …

Family Favourites

In a family of four, especially strong willed characters like the LLS household, a product we all love is a rare occurrence. A few weeks ago, the almost unthinkable happened, and there was not one, not two, not even three but a whopping four products that we all loved and used on a almost daily basis. Of course, the blogger in me immediately saw a post in this occurrence, did an impromptu photoshoot, and started writing this very article. But of course, Sod’s law…. Truly being her mother’s daughter, Little Miss C suffered an allergic reaction to two of these four products (and several other fo that mather, thus needing a complete new order of products), so the four out of four love had turned into a three out of four upper hand. The La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ and the Avène Trixera Nutri-Fluid Balm are the Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal of my body cream collection. Two superhero peas in a pod, they both excel in their supreme soothing, moisturizing, softness boosting powers, but their …

Wanted: Christmas Inspiration

Christmas is in the air, and I am just bursting with excitement! I am beyond ready to deck the halls, decorate the tree and jingle all the way till Boxing Day! Much to my husband’s despair, I love going with a theme each, and after going red and gold these last few years, I feel torn this time. Red and gold really exudes that ultimate Christmas feeling of warmth, festivity and togetherness, but somehow I am also drawn to that crisp, fresh white Scandi Christmas feel (maybe I’ll keep that hint of gold)… On top of that, I am hosting the Christmas dinner this year and I took almost a fortnight off from work to be at home with the kids, so my mind is just bubbling with ideas, inspiration and recipes. All that’s left now is to create some order in the chaos that is my brain, and see where my hours spent procrastinating on the ingenious trap that is Pinterest will lead me… Pics via Pinterest

Wishlist Wednesday – Sacred English Whisky Liqueur

Wishlist Wednesday is back! And with a vengeance (maybe not so much, but hey, everyone needs to release their inner Bruce Willis from time to time. Yippie ka yee…). After doing the rounds at the Press Days two weeks ago, not much made a lasting impression, but the taste of one new launch kept lingering on my lips, kept beckoning me to taste more, to discover more. Sacred is expanding their premium spirits collection with one launch at a time, taking their sweet time to craft and perfect every new member of the Sacred family. Their newest offering is the Sacred English Whisky Liqueur,  and it plans to give the current classic, Drambuie, a run for it’s money. An sweetened English whisky with a twist, thanks to it’s 3 year-long ageing on boubon casks. The first drops revealed an intriguing complexity, and I was hooked! Two sips, and I was sold, hook, line and sinker! The orange peels gave it that hint of freshness that kept it from becoming too much, and the cubeb and …

Headboard Dreams

We currently don’t have a headboard in our bedroom, as our bed is plainly positioned against a wall, but I can write books on the amount of times Mr B and I have gone back and forth on this subject. Yes, no, yes, no, an upholstered one, a rectangular dark leather one, yes, no, that one looks too cheap, that one is too bl**dy expensive etc etc…. We moved in together over 10 years ago, and at least half of that decade has been spent talking the talk,but not yet walking the walk. It’s been a while since we last attempted to find on that we both had an instantaneous love affair with, but lately inspiration had been bubbling again, and headboards have me dreaming once more (maybe a complete bedroom makeover whilst I am at it? ). Let’s take a trip down inspiration avenue… Pictures via Pinterest

Happy Birthday To Me

No post, beauty lemming, drooling food inspiration or deco dreams today, because it is my birthday!!!! Instead of tapping away on my keyboard, I’ll be spending my day away from my laptop, savouring the Indian Summer we have going on outside, laughing, loving, drinking and eating with my loved ones. Simply enjoying the life, enjoying my birthday, enjoying the now. See you tomorrow lovelies!  

Quality Over Quantity*

*Every Single Time! Yesterday was a day of revelations, of confirmation that quality has always and will always trump quantity. Yesterday was a day of discovery, of premium quality ingredients and the resulting exquisite products, of artisanry and passion, of shining a light on the people and the love behind a brand. Of liquid gold that touches the mind, overflows the heart and revives the spirit. Yesterday afternoon was all about beautiful niche perfumes, with stories to tell, memories to create and scents to evoke so much more (yes Goldfield & Banks, I am looking at you! #loveatfirstwhiff). Later that night, Bruichladdich came onto the scene, with a delightful and educational tasting of their latest Micro Provenance series. A simple play on barley and their geographical influences, this series proves once more what can be created if the base you start with is of excellent quality. So now and forever, quality over quantity!