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Atelier 11’s jewellery makes me feel like a little girl again and wanting to join the circus

When I was a little girl, I had this fantasy (albeit very shortly) to spend my Wednesday afternoons and Saturdays at the circus school and spend hours perfecting my rope walking, ball juggling and trapeze flying skills. Even now as an adult, I still can’t walk by a circus without having a little daydream. Modern day escapism? Daydream nr 2 usually goes along the lines of me having a little stroll around the Place Vendôme in Paris, peeking and delighting in one jeweller’s shop window after the other, taking in every gleam and glitter of all the sparkly diamond or  gemstone ring, bracelet of necklace that catch the rays of sunlight bouncing n. So when I saw glimpses of Atelier 11‘s newest summer collection marrying that childhood dream of joining that circus school and my Audrey Hepburn dreams of beautiful jewellery,  may or may not have squealed a little. Delicate and dainty at the same time, these little ballerina’s, lions jumping through hoops, live cannon ball men, sweet elephants and other circus acts have this …

A little tongue-in-cheek never hurt anyone: The Fendi Buggies Large Peekaboo Bag

I know, I know, I usually fly the flag for all that is understated elegance (prime examples here, here and here), simple and timeless designs usually do the trick for me, but once in a blue moon, something passes by that is just too much of an eyecatcher not to notice. Some time ago, Fendi released the bag bugs (cue the cute video below), and they now let these little monsters run rampant throughout the rest of the collection. This bag, the Fendi Bag Bugs takeover of the classic Peekaboo beauty, will surely get you noticed! Crocodile intarsia eyes peeking over the red nappa lining, overseeing the black smooth calfskin exterior, almost like a devil in disguise. Naughty but nice, the Italian way! Che bella donna!  

A monochrome moment

No matter how often one or the other fashion prodigy (whether real or self-proclaimed) exclaims that “… is the new black”, black and white will always remain the ultimate black. Never out of style, never dated, never inappropriately over- or underdressed, a black or white outfit exudes class, self confidence and above all, elegance. It is proof of a femininity that is neither trend- nor age bound, or as the great Yves Saint Laurent once said “fashion fades, but style is eternal.” Or maybe I should just name this article “British Highstreet fashion needs to come to Belgium!” Starlight print trousers Houndstooth Dress Islo Lasercut sweater Ankle boots Silk lace panel top Scalloped hem top  

Cashmere dreams

Cashmere and I, we go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong (which unashamedly gives you a clue as to what is my favourite movie…). I love the softness of the pieces, the warm, comfy yet elegant feeling I get from wearing them and the fact that they are not too bulky but softly drape around your curves (big, thick knits = not my kind of thing). However what I don’t appreciate is the price tag… Ralph Lauren, I love you, but € 200 – € 400 per sweater doesn’t fit well within my budget, especially with a toddler and a baby on the way. Another pet peeve of mine is that cashmere is only supposed to be worn during those unspeakably cold few months of the year between, say, December and March, when layering up is the thing to do, and you can’t go outside before having raided Regent Street’s section of Uniqlo. Granted, they do provide that snuggly warm extra layer between a thermal and a puffer jacket, but the truth …

To leather or not to leather?

Als je over lederen kledij spreekt, wordt er maar al te vaak direct gedacht aan motorrijders, lederhosen en een outfit die niet zou misstaan in een bondage-kelder. Echter is leder al een paar seizoenen hot, en vinden de lederen stukken en details steeds beter en beter hun weg naar mijn kleerkast. Broeken, shorts, zelfs kleedjes  en vestjes, je kan er alle kanten mee uit, en afhankelijk van waar je het mee combineert, kan je er perfect mee naar feestjes, diners en zelfs familiebezoekjes. Dit weekend had ik onderstaande outfit aan voor een bezoekje aan vrienden, waarna er nog een etentje bij mijn ouders op het programma stond. De blazer verzacht de “motard” look van de broek een beetje, terwijl de broek net een edge geeft aan het vestje, dat er anders wat te braaf zou kunnen uitzien. Ook zorgen de lederen details op het vestje voor wat extra punch. Het zijden topje trekt het geheel helemaal samen, comfortabel genoeg voor een weekend outfit, maar toch chique genoeg om elke outfit wat deftiger te maken. Dit …