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Bomber love

A bomber jacket never really topped my must-have lists, it looked all right on others, but on me? Tailored blazers, leather perfecto’s, pea coats and trench coat models came and went, but the love between a bomber jacket and me, well that just bombed… And then this exquisite Scapa beauty caught my eye. Drawn in by the midnight blue and silver tweed front and back paneling, which stands out even more thanks to it’s contrast with the navy sleeves, it’s as if Coco Chanel herself created a baseball jacket with a Chanel twist . It just exudes sporty chic, and while I may not be sporty, chic is my middle name! I  was heading out to meet a friend of mine for lunch on one of those first Autumn days when you the skies are celestial and the air is crisp, and was so hell bent on wearing this new love of mine, that I matched it with a white silk tee and a pair of tuxedo shorts. Autumn, me and my new friend are ready …

Monochrome chic on a buget

Pair a catch up lunch with a friend plus a very windy afternoon with my ever-continuing love for all fashion black and white, and you get the zest of this post (and that day)! My love for all things black and white, and especially separates, is still going very strong, and I don’t see us breaking up any time in the nearby future. My wardrobe has been slowly evolving from a gigantic burst of preppy colour to a minimalist palette of blacks, whites and greys any Swede would be proud of, and as much as I just want to throw anything eve remotely colourful out and replace it with a Scandi-cool item, my bank account (and Mr B) do not agree with that, so time to go budget… This gorgeous H&M top was a bit of a lucky coincidence. I had to dash to several other meetings after a dentist’s appointment a week ago, and my dentist managed to spill some liquid all over the white silk blouse I was wearing that day. Shock horror, and …

Terracotta Nights In The City

Terracotta might not be the first colour that comes to mind when thinking about striking summer shades, but when you think about it, it all makes sense. The colour of sunlight hitting off the bricks of a Mediterranean house late afternoon, this burnt red is soft yet warm, and the perfect choice if you want to ditch the black or want to move aay from the breton stripes. An untypically warm early summer’s night a few weeks ago, I attended a fragrance lauch (exciting scent-times ahead is all I can say!), and this gorgeous burnt orange jumpsuit fit the bill perfectly! Soft, breezy and utterly comfortable, but at the same time elegant, dressy and effortlessy lady-like without trying. Win – win-win!   Jumpsuit: Terre Bleue Sandals: Steve Madden Wath: Tommy Hilfiger Necklace & Earrings: Mika Thanks Katia for the pictures!!

Wishlist Wednesday – Terre Bleue Sales

Sales are here!!! A self imposed shopping ban ends now, time to go crazy,  hit the shops and get that credit card plastic burning!  Mission for this sale season? Trying to be sensible and practical (let’s see how long it takes for that one to go flying out the window). Focus on items that can be easily combined with several pieces already in my (overcrowded) wardrobe, work on several occasions and can be worn longer than only on the hottest day of the year (which just so happens to be today…).  First stop on my shopping spree: Terre Bleue. A brand largely ignored by me for being too humpty frumpty, I was proven wrong when I started to dig a bit deeper and looked past my original prejudices. Result: a wishlist as long as my arm… Will hopefully be mine after today: two gorgeous sweaters that will look good in every season, with every separate in my closet, a gorgeous tongue in cheek parrot print playsuit, the numero uno multitasker, a navy blue jumpsuit, and …

Fashion Dreaming – French Riviera Chic

Most of my childhood summer holidays were spent down in the sunny South of France, visiting every inch and corner between Monaco and the Spanish border. Even now, each year when May comes to an end, summer is round the corner and I start longing for the sun on my skin, sand between my feet and salt in the air, I get this longing to drop everything and just disappear to the French Riviera! All I want is to stroll the little cobblestone streets, eat ice cream, drink rosé on a sun-drenched waterside terrace and dress like Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief.   Nautical stripes, clean lines, flowy cuts, all in a palette of white and blue with a dash of red. I may not be strutting my stuff in Saint Tropez just yet, but this weekend, I’ll already start dressing as if I were! Sunnies  /  Cross Body Bag  / Breton Stripe Top / Jumpsuit / Shorts / Cami Top / Sandals / White Crochet Shorts / Dress 

BA&SH – My Mum Is A Superhero!

I’ve never been one for dressing alike, two brothers or sisters head to toe in the same pieces might make any other motther jump for joy, but for me, it’s a big no? Same for Mummy/Daddy & Me looks, more no than for so’. But then I had a little lady to dress… A few months later Tiany Kiriloff came with her Mummy – Daughter collection for Essentiel…and now ba&sh is completely winning me over with their #MUMISMYSUPERHERO capsule summer collection. French ooh la la meets effortless chic and a dash of casual bohèmien, ba&sh is the latest French label that should taking over your wardrobe. Created by lifelong friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krieff who wanted to create their “ideal every day closet.”. Luxe knitwear, printed skirts, silk, cashmere and soft cottons, sounds like everything I want in my closet as well!   And whatever works for mom, works for the little miss as well. This Spring, ba&sh is launching a capsule collection, based on their classics, with each item available in an ault and …

It’s going to be a Talking French summer!

March has kicked in, Saint Patricks Day colours the world a delicious shade of green today, I can feel Spring peeping round the corner, and I for one am done! Done with big knits, chucky boots, oversized scarves up to my eyes, and as much as I could live in cashmere sweaters almost all year round, I am now craving lighter textiles, softer touches, delicate pairings and livelier colours. Looks like Talking French read my memo for the sunny season! Light, airy, feminine, a daily dose of wearable glamour are only a few of the cornerstones on which this Belgian brand has built it’s foundation , and season after season the collections they present are firecrackers! Not one to go black, their pieces are a kaleidoscope of colours, brightening the greyest of winter days and enhancing the chirpiest of sunny spring days with their elegant prints and silky smooth fabrics. This spring, LA dreamin’ is what it is all about! Infusing their latest collection with a dose of LA cool, it makes me dream of mellow yellow mornings, those first …

Wishlist Wednesday – Louis Vuitton – The Spirit of Travel

Oh Louis, how your campaigns have this mesmerizing effect on me! Your Lockit Bag is still the star of many a dream thanks to the ravishing Michelle Williams, your original Spirit of Travel series took me straight to the African wilderness, and your latest odyssey again has me grasping for air. Like no other, Louis Vuitton understand the impact of a striking image, and their newest Spirit of Travel Campaign is a true visual feast of elegance, colourful abundance and craftmanship. Shot by Patrick Dermachelier, LV takes us between the sky and the sea, under the beating sun, where the abundance of sun-drenched aquamarine,  orange, deep green and dark copper evokes dreams of tropical getaways and African safari’s. Le sigh….

New Collaboration Alert: Essentiel x Disney

Disney came a-knockin’ on the door of Essentiel, the trend-driven, endgy and urban prime of Belgian fashion, and Inge Onsea and her team more than happily obliged. Together they came up with this urban fairytale of a collection, with the sweet Bashful – one of Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs – as the center of attention. His sweet half smile and cute blushing cheeks have made him an iconic Disney figure, and now grace the white and soft grey pieces of this collection. Bashful contrasting with big, colourful sequins, a slauchy, casual sweater over a structured neoprene skater skirt, or the complementing neoprenen top with it’s golden flower appliqué, nothing is too crazy for Spring! A touch of weekend casual for a Saturday shopping trip, a touch of fashion for coffee with the ladies or full on fashionata, these pieces cater to your every sartorial wish Ohhhh, go-o-o-osh… The Bashful Collection is available from this week at Essentiel stores or via      

Narciso Rodriguez A/W 15

I am not a professional fashionblogger by any means, but that doens’t mean that a) I don”t follow fashion and the endless caroussel of fashion weeks, and b) I don’t like to put in my 2 cents. As I must have told you over and over again (thank you so much for sticking with me!), I am not one for fuss and frills , Italian exuberance, fireworks and tropical prints have never been my cup of tea,  I’d rather be the woman supplying the oohs and aahs to the outfit I’m wearing than being the lady drowning in an overflow of prints. Narciso Rodriguez, maestro of American femininity, understands this better than anyone else. Clean lines, sleek cuts and perfect fits make for striking pieces that are so ridiculously pretty that you cannot help yourself, you just have to stop, breathe and take it all in. Prime example: his A/W 15 show  at New York Fashion Week. Coinciding with the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations, his catwalk may have been less sparkling than the fireworks, but …