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Back to blogging?

Hey there! How are you? It’s been a while, I know. Who would have thought? How a worldwide quarantine tricked me out of my blogging confinement.  A whole year has come and gone, a new one has started once more (and what a year 2020 has been up to now). I’ve been away for quite a while, and I’d love to reconnect with you. My lastpost dates back to December 2018, and I kind of hit a wall around that point. In the months prior, I had been running myself ragged, stressing and fretting constantly, not only about life or work, but especially about blogging. Inspiration had flown straight out of the window, that love and passion seemingly evaporated and all but lost, and I just did not want to blog anymore. Sounds crude, I know, but if I’m being completely honest, that’s exactly what it was. I just did not feel like blogging anymore. The ever-changing nature of blogging, Social Media and PR had thrown me for a loop, especially the whole (Instagram) Influencer …

Winter Bases

Also known as “The One That Was Supposed To Be Called Summer Bases But Evolved Into Winter Foundations” ( somehow I hardly wore any bases between May and October). Foundations and coverage have found their way back into  my make up stash, and these 4 bases have been tried and tested these last few months. Spoiler alert, there were 2 absolute winners, one that was just so-so, and one that turned out to be a complete no-no. First up, I went straight fo the Shiseido Waso Colour Smart Day Moisturizer. After originally dismissing this little tube as not being moisturizing enough for my Sahara dry skin,  I dug it back out a month or two ago and reintroduced it into my routine, but with a little twist. Instead of just going by its moisturizing mismatch with my skin, I started layering it over my Sukin Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin as a base, a little cover-up operation without having to go for a heavy hitter foundation or a glitter-ball, all too quick at disappearing BB/CC Cream, …

A Bit Of ZebraBook Magic For My Mini’s

An Instagram post of mine earlier this week already gave it away, but my kids really are turning into certified bookworms, and I could not be happier. I was that little girl that could always be found in that quiet corner, a book in hand and completely enthralled by the story in front of me, and seeing my children now being equally captivated by that magic makes my heart burst. Christmas is the perfect moment to add even more of that literary magic to their collection, and  ZebraBook‘s personalised children’s book add the perfect fit! Allowing kids to be the hero of their own story, the letters of their first and last name weave together a stunning and personalised story, taking them on grand tours of Europe or empowering them with cool talents. These are the kind of stories that power their imagination, enhances their love for reading and builds their self confidence. This is a gift that will last a lifetime. Available via the ZebraBook website From € 29,50  

Coffee Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Heaven in a single bite, isn’t that what we all want? Cookies have a reputation for being just that, and these Coffee Chocolate Brownie Cookies are nothing short of divine! Crispy on the outside, chewy moelleux-esque on the inside, this cookie unites the best of both worlds. Ingredients: 35 gr self-raising flour (yes, you read this right. 35 gr) or 35 gr of flour and 1/4 tsp of baking soda 18 gr salt 2 large eggs 130 gr granulated sugar 1 tbsp coffee (the stronger the better, I usually go for the Nespresso Apeggio* ) 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp unsalted butter 200 gr dark chocolate (70% or more) Optional: 120 gr chocolate chips First of all, you really did read that right. Only 35 gr of flour go into this recipe, which makes for delicate cookie and a recipe that needs to be followed to a t. Shortcuts are a no no on the way to heaven in a bite! Preheat the oven to 190°C and line an oven tray with baking paper. …

Instagram Life

Aaaand we’re easing back into a new work week. Our little family holiday is over, and now it’s time to jump back into the daily grind. Time for a little recap? That’s what I was thinking as well 🙂 View this post on Instagram Longing for summer days, hot nights, clear blue skies and faraways places….. A post shared by Leen | Beauty & Food Lover (@leenstruyf) on Mar 8, 2017 at 11:01pm PST View this post on Instagram Throwback to many a glorious Spring day in Paris. Never not wanting to go back… A post shared by Leen | Beauty & Food Lover (@leenstruyf) on Apr 5, 2017 at 10:22pm PDT View this post on Instagram Happy birthday darling mini me's. Mum and Dad love you to the moon and back! A post shared by Leen | Beauty & Food Lover (@leenstruyf) on Apr 1, 2017 at 6:29am PDT View this post on Instagram That golden moment before the rest of the house awakes. Just me, my coffee and glorious silence! A post shared …

Wishlist Wednesday – K/Metal Signature Bag

Bonjour mon amour! As much as Mr Lagerfeld would disapprove on sight if he ever met me (double digit size, strong willed and quick-witted, it’s fair to say I do not behold to Mr Lagerfeld’s standard of what a woman should be), I must concede that he does have an eye for beauty and elegance. From the first picture straight to my wishlist in a heartbeat, that’s about how my first impression of the new Karl Lagerfeld K/Metal Signature Shoulderbag went. Clean lines, smooth, strong and structured leather and one striking detail instead of tassels all over, je l’adore! Adorned with Mr Lagerfeld’s signature, the black one just exudes timeless elegance, yet gives off a little hipster vibe at the same time! Hey Mr B, we’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up….

Sunday Inspiration

I am a sucker for beautiful bathroom decors, and don’t we all know it. I admit, I am guilty as charged, so what better way to spend a lazy Sunday, especially a cold, freezing one like today, browsing for some bathroom inspiration. Hot cup of tea in one hand, legs cozily covered by softest blanket ever, kids are happily playing in their room (Thank heavens for Lego!) and I am floating away on clouds of marble, stunning bathroom vanities, deco inspiration and a renewed surge to tackle my bathroom. Happy a happy Sunday lovelies!   Pictures via Pinterest and Tumblr

Luxury Christmas Wishlist

‘T is the season to be jolly… and to run around in a mad dash trying to score that perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. I may be a little late to this gift list party, but I’ve rounded up the items on my wishlist and the bits and bobs I’ve been eyeing for Mr B, Little Miss C and Mister A. Gifts to be enjoyed on your own or together, from one single moment to every day; just to give you some inspiration before you start that last minute shopping spree. That spice grinder…. insert hear eyed emoji… EL x VB eyeshadow / Yoga By Julz top / Yoga By Julz pants / Sophie Bille Brahe earrings / Spice Grinder / Grown Alchemist Face Oil / Nespresso Lattissima / By Terry Lipstick / Sophie Bille Brahe Necklace / Dalmore King Alexander III / Cookbook / Scapa Cuff / Lego / Toy Camera / Daily Planner    

Little Miss C Loves Duplo – GIVEAWAY

What better way to keep a 2.5 year (and an enthousiastic 5.5 year) old entertained throughout an entire weekend? Magically make a new Lego Duplo set appear for them to discover! And what better way to start a weekend that with a giveaway? Especially with a week-long school holiday coming up, this Lego Duplo Polar Set will be the perfect play partner for your kids in a multitude of ways. Have them recreate an artic playground in your living room, let them travel around the world, hopping from the Artic to the African plains with a little playdate between two Lego Duplo sets, whale and lion side by side. And then off to the zoo or the National Historic Museum for another day of discoveries, and to see their beloved Duplo buddies in real life. Fancy winning this amazing Lego Duplo Polar Set to start that upcoming school break with a bang? You’re in the right place! LeenLovesStyle gets to offer one Lego Duplo Polar Set as pictured below to a lovely reader, and participating is extremely …