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Instagram Life

Aaaand we’re easing back into a new work week. Our little family holiday is over, and now it’s time to jump back into the daily grind. Time for a little recap? That’s what I was thinking as well 🙂 Longing for summer days, hot nights, clear blue skies and faraways places….. A post shared by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Mar 8, 2017 at 11:01pm PST Throwback to many a glorious Spring day in Paris. Never not wanting to go back… A post shared by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Apr 5, 2017 at 10:22pm PDT Happy birthday darling mini me's. Mum and Dad love you to the moon and back! A post shared by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Apr 1, 2017 at 6:29am PDT That golden moment before the rest of the house awakes. Just me, my coffee and glorious silence! A post shared by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Apr 11, 2017 at 11:51pm PDT Everything tastes better al fresco… A post shared by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Mar 23, 2017 at 6:16am PDT "Mine was …

Wishlist Wednesday – K/Metal Signature Bag

Bonjour mon amour! As much as Mr Lagerfeld would disapprove on sight if he ever met me (double digit size, strong willed and quick-witted, it’s fair to say I do not behold to Mr Lagerfeld’s standard of what a woman should be), I must concede that he does have an eye for beauty and elegance. From the first picture straight to my wishlist in a heartbeat, that’s about how my first impression of the new Karl Lagerfeld K/Metal Signature Shoulderbag went. Clean lines, smooth, strong and structured leather and one striking detail instead of tassels all over, je l’adore! Adorned with Mr Lagerfeld’s signature, the black one just exudes timeless elegance, yet gives off a little hipster vibe at the same time! Hey Mr B, we’ve got a wedding anniversary coming up….

Sunday Inspiration

I am a sucker for beautiful bathroom decors, and don’t we all know it. I admit, I am guilty as charged, so what better way to spend a lazy Sunday, especially a cold, freezing one like today, browsing for some bathroom inspiration. Hot cup of tea in one hand, legs cozily covered by softest blanket ever, kids are happily playing in their room (Thank heavens for Lego!) and I am floating away on clouds of marble, stunning bathroom vanities, deco inspiration and a renewed surge to tackle my bathroom. Happy a happy Sunday lovelies!   Pictures via Pinterest and Tumblr

Luxury Christmas Wishlist

‘T is the season to be jolly… and to run around in a mad dash trying to score that perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. I may be a little late to this gift list party, but I’ve rounded up the items on my wishlist and the bits and bobs I’ve been eyeing for Mr B, Little Miss C and Mister A. Gifts to be enjoyed on your own or together, from one single moment to every day; just to give you some inspiration before you start that last minute shopping spree. That spice grinder…. insert hear eyed emoji… EL x VB eyeshadow / Yoga By Julz top / Yoga By Julz pants / Sophie Bille Brahe earrings / Spice Grinder / Grown Alchemist Face Oil / Nespresso Lattissima / By Terry Lipstick / Sophie Bille Brahe Necklace / Dalmore King Alexander III / Cookbook / Scapa Cuff / Lego / Toy Camera / Daily Planner    

Little Miss C Loves Duplo – GIVEAWAY

What better way to keep a 2.5 year (and an enthousiastic 5.5 year) old entertained throughout an entire weekend? Magically make a new Lego Duplo set appear for them to discover! And what better way to start a weekend that with a giveaway? Especially with a week-long school holiday coming up, this Lego Duplo Polar Set will be the perfect play partner for your kids in a multitude of ways. Have them recreate an artic playground in your living room, let them travel around the world, hopping from the Artic to the African plains with a little playdate between two Lego Duplo sets, whale and lion side by side. And then off to the zoo or the National Historic Museum for another day of discoveries, and to see their beloved Duplo buddies in real life. Fancy winning this amazing Lego Duplo Polar Set to start that upcoming school break with a bang? You’re in the right place! LeenLovesStyle gets to offer one Lego Duplo Polar Set as pictured below to a lovely reader, and participating is extremely …

Inspiration Sunday

Time to about things differently this Sunday. Instead of focusing on a certain detail, a certain style or a certain room, how about I show you the real smorgasboard of inspiration that caught my eye this week? Food styling or a certain dishes that made me salivate just by looking at them, gorgeous tiles, images that set my wanderlust alight, cosy sweater season must haves and the most gorgeous Fall fashion colour scheme. Sundays are for dreaming….   Pics via Pinterest and Tumblr.


Press days usually are an overflow of images and info, with one brand flowing into the next, and after a few days, everything you saw becomes a blur from which only a select few pieces or brands stand out. Case in point: STERNUM. A little Instagram post swiftly became the highlight of the latest press days, and if you have a quick look, you’ll fall in love as well. Sleek, minimalistic, geometrical and timeless, this type of jewellery floats my boat far more than any bling ever will. Sure, an over-the-top costume piece looks great against a crisp white button down, but on me, I’d usually looks like the necklace is wearing me (so not a good look!)… Less is definitely more, and Sophie Peelman, aka STERNUM, sure got that memo! Geometrical and primary shapes galore, these pieces have an intricate delicacy and understeted elegance that works with everything in ly closet, and even better, the prices (ranging from € 37 to €48) also work perfectly with my wallet… Love at first sight! Available at  …

Insta Life

I came , I saw, I wish I conquered (but fell flat on my face due to exhaustion). Julius Caesar may have beaten me on the “conquered” part, but I saw a lot these last few weeks, and wanted to round up the highlights up for you. As you read this, I’m off enjoying some time off in La Douce France with Mr B and our mini me’s, so if you want to know how that’s going, make sure to follow my Instagram account (@leenstruyf) to see all of the hits and misses, and more importantly, my much desired visits to a French Pharmacy for their beauty and skincare sections! Loving everyone's reactions to this @byterryofficial new lipstick after my little sneek peak on Snapchat yesterday! Check out my musings via 'leenlovesstyle'. #love #lipstick #byterry #favourite #sĂ©ductrice #seductress #newin #beauty #red A post shared by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Jun 29, 2016 at 3:15am PDT One of my favourite scents, ever since that first whiff. Summer in a bottle and on my skin. #maisonmartinmargiela #beachwalk …

A smorgasbord of white

Sundays at casa LeenLovesStyle are for deco dreaming, and today is not an exception. Those who know me, are well acquainted with my special “deco dreaming map” on my phone, a visual smorgasbord of all that entices me and makes float away on a cloud of interior design inspiration. This goes from colour schemes, little trinkets to all over designs, from bathrooms to kitchens and from white to white and more white. hey, what did you expect? Here’s what caught my eye (and my phone) this week. Images via Pinterest and Tumblr