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5 Things – Weekend reads

Nothing more relaxing during the weekend than catching up on your favourite reads. My cosy little corner of the sofa, the softest blanket ever (Scapa Home, if you’re interested), a steaming hot cuppa and my iPad, how perfect can it get? During the week, I tend to diagonally read whatever takes my fancy (oh I’m superficial like that), and I’ll bookmark the interesting ones for a more thorough (*notepad at the ready to write down ideas*) read later on. What have I got bookmarked to get me inspired this weekend? Here we go! All too familiar with the struggles of being a career mom and the work-life balance, Zanita’s post makes me feel like I am not alone in this rat race.  Add in Camilla’s tips on how to organise my current chaos of a life, and I might whip my organizing skills into shape! Vivianna has got me wanting to try the capsule wardrobe experiment myself, and maybe add in a killer pair of flats! Oh, and how delicious does that Korean BBQ Steak …

Happy New Year!

2015 has come and gone, 2016 has begun, and so has all the fun! (See what I did there!). Even though the 1st of January is already behind us, I still wanted to take a little moment  before getting back into the swing of things. Before anything else, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support this past year! Every single read, like and comment (both on- and offline!) meant more to me than you’ll ever realize, and I am extremely grateful for each and every one of them.  2015 was a bit of a rocky year, both personally and on the blog, but a new year offers a chance to start afresh. Time to write that new chapter! For that new chapter, I would love your input! What do you want to see more or less of on LeenLovesStyle? Less beauty? Or even more beauty? Increase the fashion dose? Or maybe inject a bit more lifestyle? Maybe a bit more structure? Let me know …

Essentiel – Alice In Wonderland

A little stylish birdie at work pointed me in the direction of Essentiel’s newest collection, I took a peek, and down the rabbit hole I went! After their previous cheeky Bashful collaboration, Disney and Essentiel teamed up again, this time on a limited edition Alice In Wonderland Collection. The whimsical, wonderful world of Wonderland has been translated into bright pop-art pieces, sweet-but-cheeky t-shirts and graphic prints. Alice, Mad Hatter and White Rabbit, I’d love you all, but the Cheshire Cat pieces are the ones I really want to get lost with! Take a trip down the rabbit hole for my favourite pieces Available now online and in Essentiel stores. Pictures courtesy of Essentiel  

Jumpsuit Season

While ’tis the season to be joyful, eat way too much, watch The Sound of Music for the millionth time in those cosy Christmas pyjama bottoms, there’s no escaping that Christmas party at the office or that family party everyone dreads. Instead of wondering which dress to wear this time, I plan on foregoing dresses alltogether this Yule time season, and go for gold every time in a jumpsuit. Classic black, with a lace back, striking crimson, budget friendly, structured elegance or a strapping strapless version, the possibilities are endless! Pair them with statement pieces or fine, understated necklaces, you can dress them up or down as you wish. Feeling chilly? Add in a tailored blazer, and once you escape that party to go dancing, guess what? No outfit change needed! What’s your favourite this season?      

Just un Clou – Just a Dream?

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, jewellery are a woman’s soft spot, shortly put, if it’s gold, sparkly and costs a pretty penny, it’s a surefit way into your lady love’s heart! As part of the fairer sex, I too have a soft spot for a gorgeous piece to enhance my neck, wrist or ears, and even more, I know exactly what I want! For the last few years, I’ve been clou crazy! Ever since Cartier launched their Just Un Clou Collection, I’ve been passionately coveting it, and the love has not waned! All I need is my own personal Mr Rockefeller, and the Clou bracelet in Rose Gold will finally be mine! But for now, I’ll have to do with dreaming and hoping, with desiring and coveting. I’ve got clou fever!

Life Through Instagram Glasses

Instagram is by far my favourite social media channel, a picture tells a thousand words and each one is an instant flashback to that moment, mood and emotion. Last month was a calmer one, less events and meetings, but even with most of time spent with the little ones and at work, I still want to take pictures of every single second. A memorable Bugaboo presentation, a gorgeous sunrise, a failed outfit shoot and lots of beauty and quality family time, care to join me for a few of the highlights of this past month? When you ask your husband to take some outfit pictures and end up with a complete windtunnel effect series… #outfitoftheday #fail #fun #instafun #fashion #massimodutti #grey A photo posted by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Nov 9, 2015 at 8:36am PST The early bird gets the prettiest sunrise… #sunrise #beautifulmorning #50shadesofpink #nofilter #instagood #lier A photo posted by Leen Struyf (@leenstruyf) on Nov 3, 2015 at 11:15pm PST Selfies are never an easy task, especially with a 4.5y old. Thanks @oona_be …

Saturdays Are For Sweaters

Autumn Saturdays are for sweaters, period! Why, I hear you ask? First up, there as comfy as can  be! There’s no denying that universal truth that no silk shirt, flowy top, v-neck or perfect fit button down will ever be as cozy as that sweater! Snug as a bug in a rug! On top of that, it’s versatility is seriously underestimated! We all know the glorified hipster uniform of skinnies and a (often oversized) sweater or chunky knit, and I too am guilty as charged! But why not up the glamour a notch this Saturday and replace the casual skinnies with something with a bit more oomph? And why not relish that last sunny Autumn afternoon by combining with a pair of tuxedo shorts?  The shoulder embellishments on this soft grey Brax sweater are an excellent partner in crime for the elegance of the tuxedo shorts, while the knit and fit provide that necessary bit of casual counterweight.  A play of perfect opposites! Sweater: Brax Shorts: H&M Bracelet: Swarovski Photography by the delightful Stephanie

Five Things – Cool Kids Brands

Friday is here, another week has come and gone again, and what better way to spend your weekend with a spot of shopping (online or offline, as you wish!). If you’re like me, chances are that you’ve turned your kids’ wardrobe into your own personal styling project (Ain’t nobody touching it but me! Seriously!), and if so, here are 5 über stylish kids’ fashion brands you need to discover! Emile Et Ida French, cute, playful, do you need any other reason? The brainchild of Delphine and Céline, 2 Parisian mamans, the pieces are refined but easy-going at the same times, with folk and rock touches. Looks so pretty that the mums will love their kids in it, but are so comfortable the littles ones will have no problem letting loose in.  Especially their sweatshirts are too sweet, and have me caving in every time! But which one to choose next for A? The Viking? The Rain one? Oh and that kitty cat one for Miss C! Stella McCartney Kids I might be pointing out the obvious …

Wednesday Wishlist – Boss Bespoke Bag

It’s Wednesday, time to get wishlist-ing! Hugo Boss and I, we are like two peas in a pod, and with the holidays coming up, they couldn’t have released their Bespoke Collection at a better time! This is not the first time I’ve fallen madly in love with a piece from my favourite German brand, my love for their sleek, minimalist, elegant pieces has been well documented here on the blog. A while ago, I satisfied my Boss craving by wearing a dress of theirs to my sister’s wedding, but my heart caught fire again when I laid eyes on the BOSS Bespoke Bag. 100% finest calf leather, clear lines and several inside pockets, this bag is a prime example of the German no frills aesthetic. Added touch however is the personalization service, in which the bag is shipped from the leather atelier in Florence to the hands of a second set of craftsmen in Paris, who will then upgrade the bag even futher to your personal wishes. Refinement and elegance meets Nordic minimalism and functionality, it’s …

Cosy Knit Days

Autumn is cosy, delightful, gorgeously sunny at it’s best, and frizz-inducing rainy at it’s worst. Some days you want to go outside, explore the woods or walk those sandy beaches all the way up to the horizon and take so many envy-inducing sunlit pictures for your entire Instagram world to see. And some days, all you want to do is stay in, curl up in your softest, warmest, gentlest knit, like a warm wave of love embracing  you, have a cuppa and a book, and stay in, all day long. No social media, no errands, no obligations, no outside world! Just you and that big ball of Amour that is your favourite knit! Case in point: today! There’s no getting me outside, and my beloved bundle of heavenly softness (aka my cashmere scarf) and monochrome long cardigan are all I need. No stress, no fuss, I’m just gonna stay inside my little bubble. Pure and utter bliss! Cardigan / Scarf