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Back to blogging?

Hey there! How are you? It’s been a while, I know.

Who would have thought? How a worldwide quarantine tricked me out of my blogging confinement. 

A whole year has come and gone, a new one has started once more (and what a year 2020 has been up to now). I’ve been away for quite a while, and I’d love to reconnect with you. My last
post dates back to December 2018, and I kind of hit a wall around that point. In the months prior, I had been running myself ragged, stressing and fretting constantly, not only about life or work, but especially about blogging. Inspiration had flown straight out of the window, that love and passion seemingly evaporated and all but lost, and I just did not want to blog anymore. Sounds crude, I know, but if I’m being completely honest, that’s exactly what it was. I just did not feel like blogging anymore. The ever-changing nature of blogging, Social Media and PR had thrown me for a loop, especially the whole (Instagram) Influencer Marketing shift, and I just disconnected. I needed a break. So I did just that, I allowed myself to take a break. To catch up with friends and family without constantly feeling the need to IG Stories the shizzle out of it, to step back and let the dust settle, to talk things over with my beauty besties (yes, you know who you are are and I love you to the moon and back) and slowly but surely recharge those batteries.

We are surviving a health crisis, the world outside has been turned upside down, and just like that world, my blogging block seems to be changing. There’s something therapeutic about starting over, making me take stock of my life, zooming in on what I love and start over from the ground up. Time to turn over a new leaf. Literally and figuratively. Less musts, more loves. Be it food, beauty, deco, chats, whatever gets my heart racing is what I want to present to you. Back to my roots, so to say.

The scecret emotional rollercoaster of a blogger often remains just that, a secret. But here I am, letting you in on mine. So here we go. No presure, no obligations, no restrictions, just love. Love for words. Love for life. Love for beauty, food and all the other things that make life interesting and exhilirating. And love for you, above all, love for you!!

Love, Leen



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