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Easy Peasy Summer Breezy Breakfast

Oh hey, I know, it’s been longer than usual. Life has been so hectic these past few weeks that I haven’t been able to keep up with the blog updates. As much as I love the blog, sometimes life needs to come first and take over.

Today started as any other work-from-home day ( it is 10 pm as I’m writing this…). I woke up, had some coffee, got the kids ready from school, dropped them off, kickstarted my computer and went to make myself some breakfast… On the way to the fridge, halfway here to grab some yoghurt, something stopped me in my tracks. I spotted the Lima Spirulina Matcha Express Porridge* in the corner of my eye, and realized that it was time for a shake up of my boring breakfast routine of yoghurt and granola or two slices of bread. I’ve never been a big porridge fan, partly due to the blandness of the flavour of basic porridge and due to a prep time misconception on my part. However, I’ve really been loving matcha tea these last few months,  and had this inkling that it would do me some good to venture out of my comfort zone for once.

This is in no way an earth shattering or even mildly complex recipe, it is in fact that easy that my 7 year old would be able to recreate it on his own, but it gives me this jolt of delectability and healthy indulgence that forms the perfect offset to an otherwise dreary and stressy day, almost like a little secret moment of zen before the madness starts (and there is a lot of madness flurrying around in my life these days).

I’m not even going to insult you by listing up the ingredients and presenting this like a real recipe, if anything just give it your own twist and have fun with it. I added about 100 ml of warm soy milk to about 30 gr of porridge, and then I started playing with the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries we adore at the moment (berries are always a big hit here in the LLS household). But berries are not the only way to go, a touch of mango or even combine the matcha with the freshness and tartness of pink grapefruit and yuzu, there still is so much more to discover. I know what’s for breakfast tomorrow (and the next few weeks!)

Thanks for your patience while life was happening. I’ve missed being here. See you again very soon, XO, Leen


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