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Sunday Nutella Cookie Funday

Sundays equal quality time. Quality time with Mr B, quality time with our mini’s, and truth be told, even some me-time (bath + face  mask + silence = heaven). As with most families, our kitchen is the core of the LLS household, and many an hour is spent there, laughing, talking, yelling, working, relaxing and straightout living. A little perusing session a few lunchbreaks ago (oh who I am kidding, I was procrastinating my lunchbreak away) I stumbled across this picture on Tumblr, and it looked just so mouthwatering, so damn delicious! There was no recipe linked, no article to be found, nothing, but just look at those cookies!! Those dollops of (what I believe to be) Nutella, that cookie with it’s crunchy exterior, chewy interior charm, and that finishing touch of a hint of salt to set ofF that indulgent chocolate decadence!

Baking has always been a quality moment with our mini’s, a bit of flour here, a splash of sugar there, a stir here and a whisk there, they adore it, and I adore spending that time together. So today will not be spent behind a laptop, typing away, creating something out of nothing with word wizardry, but together in the heart of our home, with a different kind of (far messier) magic, trying to recreate these delectable delights and writing our own recipe.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some cookies to bake!


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