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Filorga Oil Absolute

Bonjour mes amours! It is the week of love, and if there is anything I love, love, love in beauty, face oil takes that crown. My adoration of face oils has been well documented here on LeenLovesStyle, especially when my skin’s feeling dry and tight due to a change in seasons, a lack of hydration or after a retinol or AHA binge. I usually have a few of them on rotation, but the one I’m reaching for the most lately is Filorga Oil-Absolute Ultimate Anti-Ageing Serum. Wait, what? Serum? Oil? Can it be both? Filorga markets this as a ‘facial oil with the power of a serum’, promising to improve the look of wrinkles, even out skin tone and boost its radiance. Filorga + face oil? I was ready to dive in, literally and figuratively!

The ingredient list is always the perfect place to start, and the one for the Filorga Oil Absolute reads like a who’s who of skincare Tinseltown. Reigning supreme is a blend of several natural oils, with buruti and camellia being the most enticing ones. Both are potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits.  Additionally, buruti is one of nature’s best sources of beta-carotene that can help fade existing pigmentation, and the hop powder in the formula also works on pigmentation. Filorga’s patented NCTF complex (a range of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, amino acids and co-enzymes), amber extract and argireline are the anti-ageing squad, the latter being often called  ‘Botox in a jar’ due to its ability to temporarily ‘relax’ your skin which improves the look of fine lines. Lastly, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and sesamin round out the ingredients, acting and plumping and moisturizing agents.

Filorga and I go way back (I seem to say thin in every post aboout them), I remember one of my very first posts over here being on having discovered the brand (Curious? Have a peek!) and the Meso Mask still is one of my favourites today. This is not my first rodeo with the brand, so I wanted to thoroughly put the Oil-Absolute through it’s paces instead of just going all Grease on it and being “hopelessly devoted to you”….

First up, it hydrates like a boss! My dry skin just laps it up like a soft swerve on a hot day, without leaving any greasy esidue or taking too long to absorp. Confession, I hardly have any pigmentation, so I can’t attest to it’s fading effects and I spend so much time laughing and being expressive that I’ll always have creases and fine lines, but I can truthfully say that I noticed a softer, more supple-looking skin that is far more forgiving in the dry patches and fine lines area. However the best thing about the Filorga Oil Absolute is that it has this way of perfectly accompanying the rest of my routine, lightly boosting and amplifying their game into star players.

Does deserve a spot in a skincare routine? It most certainly does, it just needs friends to play with.

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