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The Tasting Club Invites You To Push Your Boundaries

The Tasting Club will see you now…. Life is all about pushing yourself, about steering off the known route and onto ventures unknown. Sometimes life leads you down the path of a new passion, and before you know it, you reach that point where you either stop (and wonder ‘what if’ for the rest of your life) or jump, eyes closed, heart in your hands and mind wide open, eager to learn and push your boundaries beyond what you thought was possible.

My crossroads presented itself when an invitation of The Tasting Club for a session on the Vins De Provence (Wines of the Provence) popped into my mailbox. It’s no secret that I love food and that I adore to cook, that has been seeping in here onto LeenLovesStyle this year, but to call myself a fully fledged food blogger would be a few steps to far (#2018goals).

One invitation, 3 challenges! An unknown wine region begging to be discovered, an Iranian finger food and matching Vins de Provence wine exploration courtesy of Leading Wine Lady Sepideh Sedaghatia and food photography needing to take the centre stage. The dazzling, sun-drenched terroir of the Provençal vineyards provided the most delicious wines, and their unexpected finesse needed the right visual homage, so I needed to step up my game. Down the rabbit hole I went, and let’s see where this road will take us!



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