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Holding On To That Summer Feeling With Le Petit Marseillais

My Summer tan might be long gone and temperatures over 20 °C a distant memory, but at least of one my Summer favourites is crossing over into Autumn/Winter territory. A refreshing dip in the pool after work makes way for a relaxing bath and face mask session as my beloved me-time-moment, but Le Petit Marseillais stays by my side. This French brand needs no intro, and everyone who, like me, adores their products and scents will love these two new lines: the Express Body Sprays and the P’Tits Bonheurs (little bursts of happiness)?

The P’tits Bonheurs really are these little bursts of soap-y happiness. Out the  4 ‘flavours’ (Au Pays du Miel & une Nuit, Ma Pause Coco-ning, Ma Vie en Rose, Croquez la Fraise à Pleines Dents), I have been savouring the Miel & Un Nuit, in which the honey from the French Alps is a one-way trip to the land of  milk & honey, and Ma Vie en Rose, more fragrant than 100 handpicked roses brightening up the room. Literally night and day, these two could not be more different yet perfectly complementary, with the freshness of the rose the ideal wake up call under the shower, and the silky smooth honey for a gluttonous moment of relaxation at night 


Where the P’Tits Bonheurs are little candy moments, the Express Body Sprays really  make me want to go gourmand. Unlike me, these sweeties are really easy and don’t need a manual. More milk that a creamy lotion but still with a great hit of hydration, turn it anyway you like and spray it onto the skin. A few seconds of massaging it in and tadaa, no need to let it sink in anymore.  Feeling dry and scratchy? I pull out the Argan Oil & Orange Blossom for that delicate floral, almost dessert-esque scent  (#cheatday) and moreover, for that nourishing, soothing goodness of the Morroccan gold also known as Argan Oil. The nights that my sweet tooth takes over, I tend to grab the Shea Butter & Sweet Almond. Soft, luscious and creamy on the senses thanks to the sweet almond and on the skin thanks to the Shea Butter.

Shortly put, there’s no going wrong with any of these, but which one is your favourite?

Available at your local drugstore and selected supermarkets.



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