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Quality Over Quantity*

*Every Single Time!

Yesterday was a day of revelations, of confirmation that quality has always and will always trump quantity. Yesterday was a day of discovery, of premium quality ingredients and the resulting exquisite products, of artisanry and passion, of shining a light on the people and the love behind a brand. Of liquid gold that touches the mind, overflows the heart and revives the spirit.
Yesterday afternoon was all about beautiful niche perfumes, with stories to tell, memories to create and scents to evoke so much more (yes Goldfield & Banks, I am looking at you! #loveatfirstwhiff). Later that night, Bruichladdich came onto the scene, with a delightful and educational tasting of their latest Micro Provenance series. A simple play on barley and their geographical influences, this series proves once more what can be created if the base you start with is of excellent quality. So now and forever, quality over quantity!


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