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Sunday Musings

“Sundays are for relaxing”, I must have said that a thousand times. As much as I adore blogging, Sunday mornings in the LLS household are never spent in fromt of a computer screen, tapping away on those keys. These hours are for relaxing, for reconnecting, for reviving and above all for recharging. After being woken by the kids jumping on our bed, Mr B and I totter downstairs and I make a beeline for our Nespresso* to get my first coffee of the day. The scent of coffee fills the air, the kids whip up their own fruit salad for brunch and that banana bread my two mini’s and I baked together yesterday is just enticing me to dive in (if you want the recipe, just let me know donw in the comments …). Latte Macchiato in hand, love all around me, pyjama-clad flashes whizzing all though the kitchen, my favourite flowers in the corner of my eye, what else does one need? Who cares about George Clooney when I have Mr B right here next to me?

I hope you all have exactly the Sunday you love! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to bask in my perfect Sunday glow of that perfect coffee, quality time and a spot of cooking.

* Written in collaboration with Nespresso



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