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Close Brussels

Belgitude – not just an attitude but a way of life.  Being Belgian, you’re constantly aware that in the grand scheme of the world, your country is but a tiny dot, but when it comes to attitude, excuse me, Belgitude, we sure kick some global ass. Kings and Queens of contradictions, bipartite conundrums and a big love of quality over quantity, we take everything seriously except ourselves and we’ve got balls but manners rule the roost. If ever there was a brand that personified Belgitude, all of the above and so much more, Close Brussels would be it!

The proof is in the pudding on this one! Founded by strong women for strong women, Close Brussels is the brainchild of Tineke Bracke and Charlotte Walckiers, a gorgeous Flemish brunette and a stunning blonde francophone. The perfect Belgian yin & yang, so to speak. Tapped by Planet Parfum to rebrand and –launch their in-house line Close, they stripped it bare and kept nothing but the name, and started afresh. Result: Close Brussels. Luxurious but affordable, quality of product & ingredients and a tongue-in-cheek aproach over fancy packaging. Case in poin: their cleansing products. Instead of bashing out an entire skincare collection, they decided to focus on the basics and create a line of cleansers. A testimony as it were, of our Belgian love of quality and our wicked sense of humour.

The Shake It & Get Naked eye make up remover, I’ll Have Another Skin Tonic toner and the Silky, Milky, Super Star cleansing milk have been on high rotation in my routine ever since I got back from the South of France. I’ll get back to you with a thorough review later on, but so far, I’m still to find fault with this line. Mascara does not stand a chance against the b-phase formula of the Shake It & Get Naked, my skin hasn’t reacted to any or all of the products, the packaging and lettering is delightfully easy on the eyes, and those early mornings are sweetened by a splash of the Skin Tonic.

Close Bussels, thanks for waving that Belgian flag!

Exclusively available at Planet Parfum


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