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5 Lush Recipes I’ll Be Trying This Summer

Every year around this time, when the first weeks of summer have passed, and we’ve had several days of excessive heat, I reach that very same crossroad of having no desire to cook anything warm or elaborate and having completely run out of inspiration of what to cook. Well, not this year! I am utterly bored of that umptieth Caesar salad or a bowl of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado and shrimps hustled together, so I went on a little inspiration hunt and found a few recipes that I’ll be trying these next few weeks. Here’s to upping my salad-game (in a none too labour intensive way)! Healthy, filling and totally Instagram worthy..

Soba noodle & vegetable salad – in pursuit of more
For those days when I feel like a wannabe Gwyneth Palthrow

5 ingredient pasta salad – gimme some oven
She had me at 5 ingredients….

Spring salmon salad with Dijon mustard – Nutritionist meets chef
Salmon and Dijno mustard? Need I say more…

Thai zucchini noodle and quinoa salad – foodiecrush
I can never say no to Thai food

A festive fruit salad with lemon & ginger – love & lemons
I may not celebrate the 4th of July, but this recipe looks just too tempting

Pictures courtesy of the original recipe
Title picture via Pinterest

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