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The SPF Diaries – Lierac Sunissime

Heads up: writing about sunscreen on what feels like the hottest day of the century has this weird, semi-torturous form of serendipity to it. Talk about coming full circle. This sweltering heat does not combine well with my fair-to-normal skin, and my irrational & manic fear of getting a treacherous sunburn has me reaching for the SPF every other hour or so to top up my armor of SPF (as Mr B loves to call it).

It’s widely known that over-zealous UV exposure is a single-way ticket to premature ageing of the skin, so a superfluous relationship with your favourite SPF is a kick-ass first step in your anti-ageing routine! Lierac took that SPF – anti-ageing – skin protection relationship one step further and created their Lierac Sunissime Line. Taking it’s inspiration from light therapy, this new line aims to not only protect from UVA and UVB rays, but also from infrared light. In laymen terms this means that the range aims to go above and beyond the standard focus on protection from hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity and skin ageing. In addition to those already superb qualities, the formula converts the energy that’s created when the sun hits your skin into protaurine, which speeds up cell renewal and hydration levels. Can you say energy drink for your body?

Do you like a fluid? Prefer a milk? A tube maybe? Or a spray application? An SPF 15, 30 or 50? Whateve tickles your fancy, this line has it. I’ve especially been testing the Sunissime Energizing Protection Fluid SPF 50 (no skincare routine is complete without an SPF as the last step), and am yet to find a make-or-break fault, even though I am already halfway the tube. Application is dead easy, the fluid has the right consistency, not too thick and not too water-y, spreads out and absorbs like a dream it does not dry out my skin. However, it is not exactly a match made in heaven with a full face of make up. A powder base will keep for a few hours, a creamy base a bit less, but both will flake if you touch your face after a few hours. Is this really a bad thing or is there a solution, I hear you ask?  Just forego the full base for a light touch of bronzer,  that’s what I’ve been doing these last few weeks…

As no product range would be complete without an after-sun product (or two),  they added in two products to complete your morning-to-evening Sunissime experience. Both products, ie the Sunissime Repairing Rehydrating Global Anti-Ageing Milk and the serum can be considered as part two of the routine, equally working on anti-ageing, skin barrier repair, hyperpigmentation and prolonging that tan you’re loving so much.

My absolute numero uno is the most skincare of them all (no suprrise there), The Sunissime SOS Repairing Serum really lets you enjoy that cryo-technology effect, instantly refreshing and cooling your epidermis. If ever you need an “aaaaaaahhhhhhh…le sigh” moment in your life, apply this beauty after a day in the sun!

My Fair Lady no more… More like My Soft Golden Lady.

Protective Energizing Fluid SPF 50: €29,90
Protective Stimulating Milk SPF 50: €25,90
SOS Repairing Serum: €41,90
Repairing Rehydrating Milk: €26,90 

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  1. saarvandegaer says

    I love love love this product! The after sun was my best friend on my holiday.

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