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Sisley Double Tenseur

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Sisley product, as I do not want this blog to become the posterchild for the Sisley Fanclub, but sometimes I just cannot help myself… Why do they have to be so darn good, every.single.time?! This month the LeenLovesStyle Sisley Fanclub presents: The Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Moisturizing Gel*! Double what?

Double in use, double in effect? The Double Tenseur is being promoted as a skinare and make-up 2-in-1 product, acting both as a primer and as lifting agent (double in use), as a part of you morning routine and for little touch ups (double nr 2) and with a short term and long term effect (double nr 3). Keeping in line with Sisley’s traditions, the formula is packed with botanical and plant-based active ingredients. Oat seeds, Tiger Nut and Cottonseed extracts strengthen the dermal structure and create a 3D mesh effect that not only mimicks your skin to look it’s best, but also lifts, tones and plumps your epidermal, making you look refreshed and well rested in a matter of seconds. Acting as the supporting acts, Red Vine extracts works as an anti-oxidant, Watercress extracts revitalizes, a Biossacharide solution adds a hint of moistue, while a Glycerin of vegetable origin softens the rough edges. Sounds like true morning glory to me!

The Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Moisturizing Gel has a pleasant , lightweight, refreshing gel texture. Two pumps later, I have enough product fo my face and neck, and one of the first things I was taken aback by is how quickly it absorps into the skin. But does it live up to it’s promises? Is it really the do-all product we’ve all been dreaming of? Does it actually deliver? First up, as a primer, it easily passes the test. Both liquid and powder foundations sit beautifully on the skin for several hours. I was a bit hesitant to try it as an afternoon touch up during a very long day, worried that it might ruin what was left of my make up. Imagine my surprise when it did not battle what was left of my foundation, but actually amplified it, as if I had just reapplied it. Instant freshness in a bottle (and yes, I killed the meeting that came right after my touch up. The power of a boost!).

Lifting-wise, it really does deliver! Ever since I have incorporated it in my skincare routine, my complexion appears more youthful and refreshed, my skin has a tautness to it that I hadn’t seen since I was 25, and my jaw line and cheek bones are slightly more defined. Notice how I said skincare routine and not make up routine? The combination of the Double Tenseur and a light Spring tan has made my skin looking so fresh that I’ve been foregoing foundation these last few weeks, opting only for a dusting of bronzer or a hint of BB cream. Double win! There is one downsde though, I wouldn’t want this to be too much of a fairytale. The Double Tenseur lacks a bit in the moisturizing department for my dry skin, and the lifting effect does create some tension if I haven’t hydrated enough earlier in my routine. As if I needed another incentive to give into my face oil addiction!

Love, the president of the  LeenLovesStyle Sisley Fanclub

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Moisturizing Gel – €130 / £111.00 / US$192.00 .

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