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The SPF Diaries Part 1 – Bodysol Hydraxsol

Sun is out… and so are we. While it may not yet be warm enough to spend an afternoon worshipping the sun in my bikini, the skirts and shorts are coming out and bare arms no longer need a sweater to keep them warm. A few hours al fresco with a glass of wine and some friends or a day at the zoo (#momlife) is all I need to get a killer sunburn (speaking from experience here), so time to start slathering my limbs in SPF.

I’ve spent many an article here on LeenLovesStyle complaining about my skin having the same moisture levels as the Sahara, and trust me when I say that my legs don’t exactly fare better. So when I heard about an SPF option with an added hydration boost, my interest was piqued. The Bodysol Hydraxsol range* claims to do just that with their Triple Moist Complex, so who better than my parchment legs to put them to the test? First up, about 30 minutes before heading outside in search of a little spot al fresco, my legs get a good coating of the Bodysol Sunmilk Hydraxol SPF 20, before the bottle disappears into my handbag for a touch up later on. The UVA (speeds up the skin’s anti-ageing process) and UVB (main cause of skin burn) filters are primordial in protecting my legs (and arms, and cleavage) from a lobster-red and painful night. Usually I go for an SPF 30 or more so I may have gone overboard to compensate for “settling” for an SPF 20, and may have re-applied it a few times over the course of 5 hours…

My gusto for re-applying the SPF 20 did come with a big perk! After what can only be described as a massive dose of the Triple Moist Complex, my limbs felt smoother and softer than a Hermès Silk Carré Scarf! The Bodysol Aftersun Hydraxol only prolonges that feeling of hydration, and while I cannot (yet) confirm if and how long it can make your tan last, but I can vouch for it’s hydrating capacities! And as I’d rather have soft legs than deep brown legs, that’s a winner in

Bodysol Sun – available at pharmacies and online.

Bodysol Sunmilk Hydraxol SPF 20: €13,95 (200 ml)
Bodysol Sunspray Hydraxol SPF 30: €15,95 (175 ml)
Bodysol Aftersun Hydraxol: €10,95 (200 ml)

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