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Grown Alchemist Face Oils

Heads up: I am a face oil addict. Hard core face oil afficionado here. You can strip away anaything else from my skincare routine or even entire beauty cabinet, as long as I’ve got my oils, I am happy. Add in a botanical formula and an Instagram-worthy packaging, reminiscent of old-school apothecaries, sleek brown bottles that just exude quality and reliability, and you’ll be hooked in an istant. I know I was. No, no, I am not talking about Aesop or Antipodes here, but about the hidden gem that is Grown Alchemist. Oh, and did I mention it was Australian? Australian + botanical +sleek, minimalistic old-school looks = a triple winner!

Why just try one when you can go for two, so I went and tried both the Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Rosehip & Camellia Seed Oil and Antioxidant+ Borago, Rosehip & Buckthorn Berry Facial Oil. Both are 100 % ACO certified and sustainably sourced, so the difference between them is to be found in their formula and purpose. Look at it as a booster and a booster plus.

Let’s start with the booster, why don’t we? The Grown Alchemist Antioxidant Rosehip & Camellia Seed Oil can be touted as the one step basic, suitable for everyone. It’s mixture of essential oils (Camellia seed, rosehip, geranium, lavender & sandal wood) provides the polyphenols and tocopherol antioxidants that combat and protect from outer stress and impairment, whilst enhancing the hydration, elasticity and renewal of the skin from the inside. The pefect introduction to organic skincare 101. Silky smooth and neither too liquid nor too strenuous, only a few drops suffice for my complete face, and I tend to dab it in gently instead of rubbing it all over. It can be used in the AM and PM, though I only use it in the morning. The sharp and herbal scent is another reminder of it’s organic strength, and though strong, is not too overpowering. A recommendation for everyone easing into the facial oil game or looking for a perfect basic.

Booster plus. Now that got your attention, didn’t it? Taking it one step further than the previous oil, the Antioxidant+ Borago, Rosehip & Buckthorn Berry Oil pushes on where the Rosehip and Camellia Seed Oil stops, upping the ante on both the hydration and the anti-ageing, with a hint of pigmentation combatants thrown in for good measurement. The anti-ageing bit is covered thanks to the Vitamin C in the the rosehip oil and buckthorn berry, improving the elasticity levels of the epidermis , while sweet almond oil and rice bran improve skin tone and work on pigmentation. Nourishment and hydration comes from the borago, with cranberry oil battling the effects of oxidative stress. Again than spicy, herbal scent is the perfect way to perk up your morning routine, and I use a few drops and a massage of this luxurious liquid as a gentle start to what’s bound to  be a stressfull day. I can’t say that my fine lines and crow’s feet have magically disappeared (#wishfulthinking); but it does a fine job at keeping new lines at bay and stops the inside stress and fatigue from showing on the outside. Hydration-wise I could want for nothing, another plus!

Unlike their mineral counterparts, these essential oils and formula’s do not block the skin, thus not creating any break outs or allergic reactions. A few drops go a long way, even on my Sahara skin. Looking for a new face oil? Look no more!

 Grown Alchemist – available via

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