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50 Shades Of Spring… On My Nails

April has come (and almost gone) before I could even wrap my head around the fact that Winter has ended. My head is already longing for June, and my body is still stuck in February judging by the amount of thick cream my dry, parched skin still demands every night and the dark polishes still dominating my mani’s. Time to do a bit of an overhaul, both mentally as physically! And where better to start than, quite literally, at the end, ie my tippie toes and fingers? The whole girlie, full on bubble gum pink has never been my thing, not when I was a young girl myself nor now when it comes to my own little girl, but over the years I have come to differenciate and appreciate certain shades of pink that do not bowl me over or frighten me into thinking I’ll look like a walking talking Barbie. Coral, dusky, dusty pink and soft ballerina rose, here’s to you this season!

Only You Vamos A La Playa is currently gracing my nails, a gentle, milky coral that is neither too pink or too orange and above all, it makes me long for beachy days, summer night and strawberry margherita’s (#priorities). A tad more pink are the Essie Back In The Limo and Kure Bazaar Bikini & Co, with Back In The Limo offering the softer, more elegant approach, and Bikini & Co infusing that elegance with a spiced peach tone. If I want to kick it up a notch but still keep it poised, I’ll reach for the Essie Gel Couture Hold The Position. A ballerina pink on steroids, this shade is fierce yet sophisticated and can take me from daytime meeting to nighttime cocktails without a hitch or a glitch. After easing into these pink tones, my mind is now set on brightness, so out comes the Kure Bazaar Gipsy. My favourite of the bunch, this free spirited, bold peach coral works in stellar ways with wathever tan (or lack thereof) my skin has and has astonishing staying powers. Spring, my fngers and toes are ready for you! Now, all the rest of me has to do is follow!

Essie Gel Couture exclusively available at Planet Parfum
Only You available exclusively at Ici Paris XL
Kure Bazaar available at Philvert


  1. saarvandegaer says

    Kure Bazaar heb ik nog nooit getest. Leuke kleurtjes, helemaal mijn ding! Ik loop ook al met mijn hoofd in juni, vakantieeeee!

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