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Monday Make Up

Another weekend has come and gone, and what lies ahead is a week filled with boring meetings, tight deadlines, excel sheets, mails and numbers. The weekend flew by, and to say that it was a busy one, is a major understatement. Two birthday parties, a bbq, friends, family, a battalion of toddlers and maybe a glass of bubbles too many… My face is showing on the outside how I feel on the inside (hint: not that fabulous…), so I popped out a few helpers to make me look half decent.

The Sisley Sisleÿa Le Teint Foundation in 0R Vanilla needs no explanation (just check the archives for an astonishing amount of love for this brand and it’s foundations…). Many have tried, but never succeeded as the Sisley foundations continue to reign supreme in my collection. A soft touch of the Sothys Radiance Blush in Nuit Orangée as the perfect pick-me-up shade, but as this soft, satinesque powder is heavily pigmnted, I have to go in with a gentle hand. The eyes have it, but not too much in my case (#darkcirclesgalore), so I just want to lightly enhance them with the Becca Eye Tint in Gilt combined with a coat of mascara. This gorgeous russet brown can be applied so lightly that it almost becomes a barely-there wash of colour, and it can pull a double duty as a long-lasting primer as well! The Sothys Lip Liner and Bobbi Brown Art Stick Matte in Harlow Red have proven to be a formidable pair on several occassions, and the bright cherry pink red shade has just the right amount of impact and brightness that lets other imperfections fade into oblivion without being too overpowering.

Last but not least, my look would not be complete without the one product that I’ve been obsessed with ever since I got it a few weeks ago (thank you Kneale!!!). I finally got my hands on a Glossier product or two, and boy did they deliver… The Haloscope Highlighter in Topaz has been rigourously put through it’s paces, and a love story was born. The perfect balance between creaminess, shine, pigmentation and longevity, this little tube of happiness is going wherever I go!

Now, time to crack on and face the rest of the week!

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