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Twitter Tasting – Bruichladdig

Life is all about firsts, better try something new and fall flat on your face than not to try anything at all. I try to live by these words, and so last Thursday evening, I went out on a limb and joined in a Twitter Tasting of Bruichladdich’s Limited Edition 10 Collection, ie the Bruichladdich Laddie Ten, Octomore 10 and the Port Charlotte 10. Pushed way out of my comfort zone, it was an amazing way to push my boundaries on a number of levels, not only when it came down to the actual tasting and iscovering notes and hints, but also in regards to my photography. Photography has slowly evolved into a love of mine ever since I started this blog, but food photography has always remained a bit elusive (hence the lack of food posts on this blog, despite my huge love for cooking and food).  Capturing that golden hue of the liquid, reminiscent of it’s barley core, or highlighting it’s pure Hebrid heritage and Scottish origin was imperative to me, so I faced my fears and just went for it…

If you want to read my full thoughts and remarks on these three golden, caramel tinted beauties (hint, caramel/toffee/honey is a deliciously recurring them), check out my Twitter feed, or look for the comprehensive #LaddieBelgium feed, but I can tell you this: When a brand marries their past, heritage and knowledge so beautifully with their vision for the future, taste for innovation and desire to evolve, whatever comes of it, is bound to be a delight. As with all good things, this 10 Collection is limited edition, meaning that the Laddie Ten, Octomore 10 and the Port Charlotte 10 will only come in 18.000 numbered bottles each, distributed worldwide.

Thank you Bruichladdigg for an amazing chance, not only to enter your world but to broaden mine as well!

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