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Happy Go Lucky Hair with Murakami (and Shu Uemura)

Today is Monday, and though my mind and body seem to be aware a new workweek has started (#forevertired), my hair still seems to be in weekend mode. Fun, flirty, bouncy but with a mind of it’s own, not quite straight but not perfectly wavy either, too much frizz for it to be silky smooth. Neither this nor that seems to be the perfect way to describe it, but whatever name I give it, it won’t take away from the fact that it needs help. A lot of help

When I started rummaging through my extensive collection of hair care for that much needed help, the Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami Art of Hair Wonder Worker caught my eye. Literally, cause just look at that gorgeous print! Truth be told, I noticed the print before I realised it was a hair product. Win win! As a part of the Christmas 2016 Collection (shame on me for not showing this earlier!!), Takashi Murakami glorious anime-meets-pop-art floral print graces several Shu Uemura products, including the Art of Hair Wonder Worker. Symbolising love, hope and peace, here’s to hoping that those flowers will bring the same to my hair!

With Moringa Flower Extract to inject a high dose of intense moisture into my hair, I’m fairly confident this spray will get my hair through the frickle and wet weather ahead (#frizzfest)  Touted as a blow-dry perfector, I actually tend to use it as a leave-in-conditioner and as a prep & prime before blow drying it. No matter how I style them, my manes feel strong and healthy after a few spritzes. Those rare moments that I actually have the time to do a full on blow dry, brush and all, my locks look glossier than a mirror in a boudoir boutique, and, more often than not, when I just dry them for a second before letting them dry to the air, this spray has a way of enhancing my natural texture and putting a little spring in it’s step. Wavy without the crunch of a salt spray, that’s the way I like it. Only downsize I’ve encountered is that it is easy to overdo it. Just a few spritzes will do, the first few times I went in too enthousiastically and spritzed too much product on my hair, which weighed it down and made it a bit limp. As I learned to temper it, my hair started loving it more.

I’ll keep you updated on my search for the best helpers for my hair, so stay tuned for “Taming the manes, Chapter 2”. Coming soon!








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