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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules

There are a few classics we can all agree on. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, a Breton stripe top and the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. The brown, old-school pharmacy look bottle has graced each beauty-lover’s bathroom at least once, and everyone knows about the much-praised benefits of the Advanced Nigh Repair serum. I myself have also gone through a few bottles over the years, and I even may or may not have kept a bottle to myself that I had actually bought for my mum… (sorry mum…)

New to Estee Lauder ANR family are the Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules*, the single-dose ampoules containing a supercharged face oil version of the serum to complement your daily routine or serve as a high octane treatment if you wish. Just as the normal serum, these ANR ampoules have been designed to battle each and all signs of over-stressed or premature signs of skin-ageing, such as lack of sleep, increased pollution, travel, stressful work-life balance or weather changes, with within each ampoule a 100% active formula in a precision micro-dose that offers rapid relief to address irritation or imbalance.

These ampoules feature a brand new ChronoluxAl Technology, a dual action anti-irritation & synchronization technology that helps skin address all phases of irritation and supports skins natural synchronisation. Visible irritation is quickly reduced as skin becomes stronger & more resilient to future aggressors. “ – Estee Lauder

As a mom of two toddlers with a full time job, I consider myself the textbook example of  overstressed skin (#eternallytired). Add in my love and devotion for face oils, and you’ll get why I was so eager to give these a test for the money (literally, cause they’re quite pricey….). Each ampoule is made out of a brown silicone gel-ish tear shaped soft casing, with a rounded top. Gently tear the rounded top off (I twist it around a few times), and collect the oil in the palm of your hand before applying it. The transparancy of the oil, the lack of colour and perfume are proof of the fact that there are no added synthetics perfumes and colouring ingredients in this formula, and the single dose packaging allows for only a minimum of conservants.

I gently dab it in, allowing my skin to just drink it in or soak it up where necessary. As my Sahara skin just loves moisture, I’ll then follow it up with my serum and / night  cream to seal in the oil, but that is not a necessity if your skin is better behaved than mine …. As I’ve said many times before (#repeatoffender), my skin just adores an oil or lipids, it adds a necessary boost of nourishment, and the proof is in the pudding with this Intensive Recovery version. After a month, my skin feels nourished and strong, it feels resilient, strong and plump (like the true independent woman that I am), and it.just.feels.right! My cheeks have an even tone to them, less flare ups, the overal look is less parched and more glow. Double thumbs up for result!

The only thing that doesn’t get a double thumbs up is the price… A full size jar with 60 ampoules will set you back €140, which is a pricey €2.30 per ampoule. Granted, the quality and result of these justify that cost, but still…

All in all, this is what a coup de foudre looks like!








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  1. Ik lees ‘als mama van kleuters’ en ‘glowy skin’. Maar damn … die prijs 😱

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