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3 ways a classic – The light blue button down

A little line in a article written by a dear friend of mine (this article if you’re interested) about no-buy February and shopping her stash got me to thinking. Sure, she was talking about a no-buy period and her beauty stash, but the princinple behind it made me rethink some of my latest purchases, and especially my fashion buys. After a few eclectic years and random buys, I started being sensible about what I purchased about 6 months, continuously choosing quality over quantity and only byuing items that would work with my existiing (and rather extensive, I must admit) wardrobe. Now it’s time to take it one step further, and start shoppig my stash, or in this case my wardrobe for long forgotten items or new combinations. Truth be told, I have about a dozen cotton button downs hanging in my closet, their white and blue shades a reminder of my corporate days, and the last time I wore any of them was probably on my last day being a corporate machine about two years ago. Yet somehow, I just can’t get rid of them. So time to breathe new life into them, take them from corporate to cool. A few doses of Pinspiration later and my head is brimming with ideas that all include items I already have (thank you eclectic years!!). Leather pencil skirt? Check! Black tapered trousers? Got it! Double denim look with a lightwash ripped skinny (yes I still love the skinny jeans!)? Double check.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get ready for a meeting and need to get into my outfit. Which outfit, I hear you ask? Black leather trousers, light blue button down, my beloved Boss Orange black cashmere slouchy v-neck with leather panels and a killer black pump. Shopped my stash indeed!








Pictures via Pinterest

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