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Friday Face

Hint, there’s not a lot going on! After last Summer’s make up funk (Want to know what funk? Read here), I still have not ventured back into a three colour eye look or a full face of make up. A crisp, perfect base, mascara and a lipstick to match my mood, and I am a happy camper. A flick of black liner when I feel fancy, but that is about it. My eyeshadow singles, duo’s and palettes have not moved an inch since last June, heavily neglected. These last few weeks, I keep reaching for the same combination, let’s call it my ‘Basic’s Deluxe’ look.

First up, two pea sized drops of the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer prove to be the perfect base coat, smoothing out what needs to be smoothed out without being too slippery or oily. I then buff in the Sisley Anti-Ageing Foundation with the Beautyblender for a natural look with a good dose of medium coverage. The Sisley foundation is rather new to my collection, but it was an instant hit! I’ll do a full review on this foundation later on, but one hint, it’s Sisley and I still have to discover the first Sisley product not to work for me…. Most powders and powder blushes seem to go botchy on me these days, so I have been skipping those for a while now, but the Maybelline Master Strobing Stick works wonders for creating some depth and structure on my cheeks. The soft sandy glow is the perfect shade between yellow, gold and silver and is pigmented enough to give the perfect sheen in one swipe, without glittering like a disco ball. Another plus? The application is so easy even a klutz like myself can’t go wrong…

Last but not least, the lips. Winter time means dry lips time, so I have a few lip balms on constant rotation. The Labello Original is the ultimate classic of lip balms, and the Limited Edition Neon Collection makes my day just looking at it! Finishing touches are courtesy of teh By Terry Rouge Expert Click Stick in Rose Ease. It’s mention in my Luxury Christmas Wishlist was already an indication of how much I love these lipsticks, and boy, do I love them! It’s unique drop shape makes application relatively easy, and this shade is the perfect combination between a soft nude pink and a light plum. Not too subtle but not too in you face either. So perfect, I keep going back to it. What do you think? Keep on rocking the basics or time for a switch up?






By Terry and Smashbox exclusively availabl ein Belgium at Ici Paris XL
Sisley at selected beauty counters
Labello and Maybelline at local drugstore




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