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Filorga Optim-Eyes

The eyes have it, or so they say. And if indeed, the eyes really do have it, better make sure that those eyes look stellar. Which, at the moment, they don’t. Saggy, sallow, blue-ish circles and slightly bloodshot eyes, it not exactly a sight for sore eyes. Just sore eyes, that’s more like it. The skin around your eyes is around 20 times thinner than anywhere else on your body, and if you think about how often you blink or rub your eyes on a daily basis, it makes total sense to prioritize a good eye-care routine.

I’ve been searching high and low for a new eyecream to take over from tthe La Roche-Posay Redermic, and after a few misses, I decided to go with what I know, and gave the Filorga Optim-Eyes Line a try. Filorga has long been a beloved brand of mine (don’t believe me? Read here), and after a few allergic reactions, I was eager to find something that would work.

As is always the case with Filorga, the Optim-Eyes Line redefines eyecare in the broadest sense of the word, ie the three products in this line will work on tired eyes, dark circles, bloated or swollen eyelids, fine lines, dryness and to boost those eyelashes. Three products? Yes, this lines consists of the Optim-Eyes Lotion, the Optim-Eyes Patch and the Optim-Eyes Eye Contour, and I especially wanted to talk about about the latter two.

First up, the Optim-Eyes Patches, a black comma-shaped under-eye patch with a slippery jelly-like consistence. Let’s start with the downsides, shall we? The application is rather difficult for someone as cack-handed as me, I’ve wasted several patches when they slipped off my fingers (slippery, remember?) or when I tore them in my sudden enthousiasm….. Slow but steady wins the race here folks! Once I got the hang of it (after about 5 patches, I must admit), I started using them more and more, much to the amusement of Mr B and our mini’s. When your son compares you to a panda, you know you’re on the right track! Drenched amongst others in Filorga’s core ingredient, NCTF – New Cellular Treatment Factor –  these black beauties will inject moisture where applied, and thereby boosting blood circulation, reducing swelling and darkness and brightening the skin. Big night out ahead, partied a bit too hard, busy or stressful week left it’s mark or wanting to impress someone? 15 minutes is all you need! Unfortunately the effect does wane after a few days, but I find that keeping them stored in the fridge helps the effect last longer.

Not a fan of those futuristic patches, but still want to spoil your eyes? The Optim-Eyes Eye Contour will probably be more up your alley. A classic eye care product for noon and night, this airtight pump bottle (big love!) contains a silky white serum that instantly refreshes the skin. A perfect aide to wake up in the morning or to soothe those eyes after a long day. The combination of amongst others star ingredient NCTF and hyaluronic acid is designed to work on a number of levels; the hyaluronic acid will smooth out fine lines and keep the epidermis plump, while others eliminates the toxins to prevent pigmentation or blue tones. A last set of ingredients has a draining effect on bags and puffy eyes, to create that well-rested look. It is no magic potion, my dark circles and genetic negatives have not disappeared overnight, but it has become indispensable in morning routine, and as they say, every bit counts!

Filorga Optim-Eyes – 15 ml – € 39,90
Filorga Optim-Eyes Patch – 8 patches – € 39,90
Available at selected pharmacies, drugstores and online





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