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A Babor Discovery

Before I dive in head first into the 14 day long food coma also known as The Holidays, I want to get a headstart and protect my skin from the carnage that’s ahead. That’s right, come Christmas I go at it full force, forget any and all mention of diets, common sense and double cleansing, so in an attempt to minimize the damage upfront, I’ve added the Babor Reversive Anti Ageing Overnight Mask to my nighttime routine. Truth be told, it’s too soon to do a full review as I’ve only started using it a fortnight ago, but still, I do already have a few things worth sharing.

I have a thing for masks, and especially masks that I do not have to take off after a certain amount of time, so thumbs up for this creamy yet not too thick texture that I can easily lather on. I do suggest applying it about 15 – 30 minutes before your head actually hits the pillow, allowing a little time for it to sink in. After a few years in this beauty blogosphere, I know better than to expect the miracles often promised by brands, and while it is too soon to be bragging about or discussing the results, I must admit that my skin looks more refreshed and just downright healthy when I wake up. No blotchy redness or wrinkled cheeks, but an all over even tone that looks and feels plumped and hydrated, which is all I can ask for at this moment.

I’m still a bit on the fence about the full ingredient list, as it contains added perfume and cetearyl alcohol. The Globularia Cordifolia, almond oil and plankton make my skin rejoice, which can counter the effect of the perfume, but still, better safe than sorry do further testing is needed…. As said, full review still to follow.

What are your go to products to survive the next two weeks?
Babor Reversive Anti Ageing Overnight Mask75 ml €56,00
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