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What’s cooking this weekend?

Confession: I absolutely love to cook! I may not have mentioned it before (blame my lack of self confidence and food photography skills…), but I genuinely go cuckoo over food. Crazy as I am, I actually get excited when thinking about what to make for dinner, tweaking recipes, discovering new things, flavours, cuisines,  and when my head goes into overdrive, there’s nothing quite like some time in the kitchen to calm me down (and have a delish dinner to boot).

The weekend is my time to cut loose, experiment and take my time in the kitchen. No hustling up dinners in 20 mins because the kids are too tired; no being too tired to be slicing and dicing, just me, my hands, my taste buds and a delicous array of gorgeous produce. Here’s a little round up of what tickled my taste buds this week and what I cannot wait to give a try this weekend!

Million Dollar Macaroni


Easy Tin Foil Sausage & Veggies 


Candied Pecan, Pear and Pomegranate Salad


Thai Butternut Soup


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