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Blogging rat race – in or out?

This article has been in my draft folder for what seems like forever, always wanting to post it, but always just a hint too frightened for it to go live. But how could this little place ever truly be my own if I can’t share what’s really running through my mind. So here it goes, and we’ll get back to the fun bit of this blog soon enough. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so please don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments below.

An article written a while ago by a friend of mine on him not wanting to no longer participate in today’s blogging world rat race got me to thinking. Thoughts, bits and pieces of what could become a post simmered and bubbling in my mind, and it was not until earlier today (it is now well past midnight), when I read this and this post on the fakeness of the generality of blogging, the fakeness of leading bloggers and the illusions created by their images that certain things clicked into place.

Now I know that I might not be the most suitable blogger to add her two cents to this discussion, I may not be a professional blogger posting bits and pieces every day, offering scoops and showing off the latest collections of the biggest and newest brands, but I am a blogger in the purest of forms, because of the love for writing and the love for beauty, fashion and style. Life and it’s obligations often get in the way of posting, or even creating a regular routine, but still, this little nook remains my refuge, my place of rest and comfort. Creating original content that I love, visualizing that content and appealing to others with that which has sprouted from my brain is tremendously satisfying, and is what has kept me going these 4 years, but somehow, it’s never enough.

The bane of social media and this digital world is that you’re constantly comparing yourself and your product to others, and this always makes you feel like you need to do more, be more, attract more. A product, visual or blogger, hyped or discovery, faked or real, it has an impact and sets a goal I feel obliged to obtain. Slowely but surely, it takes over your entire life, and before you know it, it stops feeling like a joy, and begins to be ‘must’. ‘Must keep up with everyone else’ becomes a mantra, so along the way I unconciously lost track of what I first loved about blogging: The magic of discoveries, the excitement, the constant learning, the amazing friendships and that sheer flow of words streaming out of your fingertips when you adore something and want to share it. So that’s where I’m headed in 2017! Less must, more love.


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  3. I had a looooong comment and it didn’t publish for some reason, boo! Let me try and recreate it 😉
    I think we all know deep down that what we see online isn’t the full picture. We share what we want to share, so I expect the same behaviour from the accounts I’m following. I don’t consider this to be fake, I draw the line at editing, photoshopping, and non disclosed ads. The moment I suspect this I hit the unfollow button.
    I try not to get into the comparison game (and fail sometimes…) but I think I’m quite levelheaded when it comes to online expectations, (it took some time, I’ll admit) however I do think teenagers are easy victims for this so I worry about the young social media users.
    That being said, I think the most important thing is to be yourself and let that shine through on your blog. One of the biggest compliments I ever got was someone telling me she recognised my voice in my articles and I feel the same way about your blog!
    Can’t wait to keep reading articles here in 2017!

  4. Hello Leen

    Normally I don’t read your pieces anymore, because when you started blogging, you were always so positive on every product you’ve reviewed… But this one caught my eye and made me curious. It is fresh and I really feel that you truely say what you think.

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