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New Beauty Haven Alert – Philvert

“It’s Friday, I’m in love!” Well, in this case it’s almost Friday, but I am in love nonetheless! Today saw the launch of a brand spanking new beauty webshop, Philvert, and it’s like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter have rolled into one for this skincare lover. As it would befit a true beauty haven, Philvert is helmed by one of the most knowledgeable skincare connaisseurs out there, Philippe Bijnens. Created when his own extensive search for a Belgian webshop offering effective and organic niche brands skincare fell short, he set out to select the most effective of organic brands with that price / quality ratio we all love, and introduce them to the Belgian market. Kosas lipstocks, Kure Bazaar, Mr Bean scrubs, Antipodes, Marvis Mint, Leonor Greyl, Voya, I don’t know where to look first and more importantly, what to try first! Beauty heaven has arrived!

Practically nobody has time to fully understand what they’re buying or using for beauty and health, so we’re doing that for them, we take out the guesswork and show that there is a healthier, more sustainable way to take care of yourself.” – Philvert

Ooooh , I can see my Christmas bonus being spent in a few, easy clicks….

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