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Clowing around in the kitchen – Marcel Wanders x Alessi Circus Collection

Very rarely do I  get transfixed by a kitchenware (or any kind of) collection. I see hundreds of new collections or launches pass by on a monthly basis, so somewhat enthousiastic or lukewarm intrigued is the best reaction I can muster most of the time. The latest brainchild of Dutch creative genius Marcel Wanders for Alessi, however, left me mesmerized with its theatrical theme.

My love for all things Alessi is very well documented throughout the history of this blog, just have a little search with “Alessi” as your key word, and it’ll become increasingly clear that I am, and always have been, utterly besotted with the brand. Quirky, elegant and not quite run-of-the-mill utensils and kitchen tools that combine form and function in the most perfect of marriages, one filled with love and laughter.

Marcel Wanders on the other hand is of course known for putting on a show with his works, grand in thought and execution, and this time he chose the magic and trickery of the big top and the circus as his inspiration. Channeling that typical red, yellow, black and gold in a bonanza of stripes, diamonds and other patterns, the Alessi Circus Collection consists of 29 objects in the tableware range, and 5 limited-edition ornaments. Whimsical, theatrical and a typical Wanders-spectacle!

‘A one-of-a-kind spectacle. We explored how we could merge colour and stainless steel in fun, unexpected and unique ways. With the concept of the circus, and the surprising display it’s known for, we were able to bring colourful delight and energy to what Alessi has built its reputation upon.’ – Marcel Wanders

For the 5 limited-edition ornaments, Wanders reformed 5  archetypal characters from the circus into kitchen performers; Muscle-clad ‘Strongman’ who has never met a nut he can’t crack, a baby elephant ‘Ballerina’ that gives you sweet music, a laughing ‘Jester’ corkscrew, the classical ‘Ringleader’ to call upon everyone you need, and the ‘Candyman’ clown to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each and every one delightfull on it’s own, and each and every one a lifelong collectable.

Practice makes perfect, and what Wanders has delivered, is sheer perfection. Just have a look at below video of the entire collection, and prepare to fall in love, just like I did…

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