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Kenzoki Amazing Waters

Skincare, my my, Leen, it really has been a long time! True, and this article really has been a long time coming. And when I say it’s overdue, it really is overdue. So overdue, that it went on holiday with me early July (proof, this Instagram post), and I still haven’t written about it. I have used about 75 % of the bottle and I still haven’t written about it. That kind of overdue! So, let’s stop the lamenting, and start focusing on the product.

Remember my minimal make up summer? Minimal make up also required less cleansing products at night, but still the Kenzoki Amazing Cleansing Water and the Kenzoki Amazing Exfoliating Water were put to the test rigorously. Both refreshing and uplifting in feel and purpose, that’s not the only thing they have in common. The star ingredient in both formulas is ginger extract, rich in mineral salts and essential oils and said to perfect for toning, revitalizing and all-round perking up of the upper layers of the skin. The additional Yuzu extract in the cleansing water replenishes and ups moisture levels, while the lemon extract in the exfoliating water eliminates dead skin cells and boost radiance, and the licorice extact clarifies and brightens the skin tone.

As said, these two travelled to France with me this summer, and truth be told these two have been a fundamental part of my daily routine this summer. As a single cleanse when hardly wearing any make up, as a swift, lazy routine at night (guilty as charged…) or as the last part of an extensive double cleanse, the Amazing Cleansing Water has his way of reviving my skin by adding a touch of freshness at the end of a long day. Take away the make up, take away the stress! The Amazing Exfoliating Water had a tougher job, having to step into the highly buzzed shoes of it’s predecessor, the Pixi Glow Tonic.  This water-based exfoliater dissolves and wipes away dead skin cells, rather than attacking them with microbeads. Though less stingy and a tad fresher than the Pixi Glow Tonic, it has an equally invigorating and energizing effect thanks to the ginger oil and licorice. Don’t expect to become a glistening disco ball, but I did notice a brighter, more even skintone after a few weeks of regularly using this. A worthy replacement for that empty bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic (and unfortunately not a trip to London on the horizon…).

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